What would a Palin administration be like?

Nope neither party has done anything drastic. Individuals have done drastic things but both parties have did whatever it takes to stay seated.

There are family members of four thousand plus American soldiers and thousands yet unnumbered Iraqi civilians that would like a word with you.

Well, if their goal was to stay seated, I would say that one of the two parties made a drastic miscalculation (see 2006).

You mean the one that is from Joe Lieberman giving them a one seat differance? That lets them be in control of the agenda, but since Joe is now a Pubby in all but name they do not have the votes to over come Republican obstructionism.

You can’t be serious. What, you have evidence that Palin wants to start disappearing her enemies? Or is this supposed to be a joke?

It’s amazing how you all have managed to spin yourselves into such a froth about her that you’re now convinced she’s some evil Taliban-like figure that’s just waiting to take away all your rights, rule like a moron, and destroy the nation.

Before you go too far indulging your ‘evil Christian’ fantasies, you might want to check and see just how hard she pushed her own morality on the people of Alaska. Answer: She didn’t. At all.

Look, Obama’s going to win the election. So you can all stop demonizing her now, and can start patting yourselves on the back for a job well done in neutralizing her.

You think her favorables dropped 24 points in a little over a week because the Democrats were mean to her? If so, we need to start being more mean to John McCain. The far more plausible explanation is that Americans don’t want someone in the White House whose only foreign policy qualification is the ability to see Russia from her home state.

She would advocate shooting Dems from a helicopter. She would .like Bush. think she was appointed by God.
God must be really stupid.

First she’ll honor her soul mate John McCain’s last wishes and fire the chairman of the Federal Election Commission. Then she’ll create a Blue-Ribbon Panel to study the economy, headed up by Janey McMillan, the girl with the pool table who lived next door to Sarah when they were kids. Janey will conclude that the only way to fix the adjustment we’re facing is something she calls “triggle-down” economics." Sarah says go with it, and forms a commission to find out what that is, and another commission to study the first one to make sure they’re not spending too much money.

In a breakthrough in modern foreign policy, she’ll invest trillions in a sophisticated telescope system, allowing her to see all nations of the world from the White House so she always knows what they’re up to.

She’ll then fire up the Maverick Machine and start cutting all that unnecessary spending in the White House. Kitchen staff? Fired. Palin declares that she’ll run the kitchen herself, holding cabinet meetings there while cooking up “paffles” (pancake/waffles) for the entire staff. The Lincoln bedroom will be sold to Hotels.com. The bowling alley will be removed and replaced with a detention center for Levi Johnston and any future babydaddies that may pop up.

Next she’ll issue an executive order adding the words “under God and especially Jesus” to her official title of “President of the United States of America,” just like our forefathers wanted.

The Lincoln Memorial will be renovated, replacing Lincoln with a statue depicting an aborted fetus. The Washington monument will be razed for encouraging impure thoughts. The Reflecting Pool will be frozen over to make a bitching hockey rink. Then, confused by the name of the landmark, Palin will order a Bass Pro Shop, an arcade, and a food court added to the “National Mall.”

Drilling will begin right away in offshore Florida and ANWR. She’ll appoint that guy at the Republican National Convention that screamed “OIL! OIL! OOOIIILLLLL!!!” as the Secretary of the Energy Department. Within a week of drilling in any location, the price of gas will drop to $0.45 per gallon, and US auto makers dig up the plans for 18-wheeler sized SUVs they had previously scrapped a few years ago.

Creationism will be taught in schools, leading to a widespread distrust of the existing science community, who had somehow hidden this knowledge from us before. Our new found faith as a society will result in hurricanes spiraling away from us, savaging Mexico and Europe in the process.

Abortion will become illegal in all cases, including spontaneous abortion. Within a few months abortion will be merely a distant memory in the American political landscape, and people of all political persuasions will wonder why we never knew it would be that easy.

And then, in the second 100 days…

Wow. Just…wow.

The official cause of death would be “lead poisoning.” :wink:

“Shoot moose, not lawyers!” Got a ring to it, but not quite it, don’t you think?

“Shoot moose and lawyers!”


The best thing to hope for is that she will follow GWB’s example and listen very intently to people much smarter than she is, and do as they advise insofar as she understands it. Unfortunately, she most likely also would follow GWB’s lead and choose advisors who, while smart, are by no means honest or well-intentioned.

Those two things will never coincide in the same Administration.

Let’s just say we’ve gotten used to the idea.


Those of us that live around Detroit know how well those administrations work.

You can call that drastic I call that some ol’ same ol’ drastic would be going against the grain. Like those elected in '06 promised to do, and did they?

“The battle is not always to the strong, nor the race of the swift, but that’s the way to bet it.”

I don’t think you understand. What do you think miracles are for? If God gives you a opportunity, & you don’t exploit it, that’s ungrateful & a waste!

After he got nominated - or when he was running against him? Those who extolled McCain during the convention weren’t so hot for him a few months before either, but that’s hardly a strike against him.

BTW, what exactly was she CEO of? I heard in the beginning how she was a successful businesswoman, but that seems to have been dropped from her resume.