What would a war between Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2 US forces be like?

Presume it’s GW1 US forces against GW2 US forces, either in equal numbers or as they were at the start of the war. No nukes, no other armed forces. They meet in whatever terrain you think is most suitable or interesting.

Footage from both Gulf Wars reminded me of the Predator stalking soldiers and semi-casually taking them out one at a time. When a US Abrams or Bradley can its NVG and IR to see an enemy tanks 4km away at night while the enemy has no idea they’re there until its tanks start blowing up or that aircraft launch missiles at targets which will never hear anything, it can look like a turkey shoot. It’s reminiscent of late 18th century colonial wars in Africa where European troops usually had at least 10-to-1 and sometimes 100-to-1 casualty ratios. Yet when those same European troops met similarly equipped troops during the Boer War, the Russo-Japanese war and later WWI, we saw that warfare had changed in a major way.

So, I’m wondering now about GW1 US forces vs GW2 US forces but also vs US forces today.

More generally: What’s warfare going to be like when both sides have infantry that can rely on NVG/IR vision and optronics like the TrackPoint scope that integrate sensors with ballistic computers, cued display and fire control? What if they both have special forces or drones doing long-range reconnaissance patrols with guided missiles and laser designators? What if both sides have cruise missiles in sufficient quantity and quality?
In your answers, please take it easy on laser weapons and railguns. They’ve been just on the cusp of being ready for real for as long as cold fusion and flying cars. Also, presume there is a supply of munitions which is sufficient for non-stupid uses for the duration for the war.

GW1 vs. GW2: The GW2 forces have a substantial advantage. They have B-2s, and F-22s (although the F-22 hadn’t formally entered service yet, but maybe they could already be used if need be.) There was a lot of advances in digital/information warfare during the twelve years between 1991 and 2003. The 2003 U.S. military was much more network-centric and could communicate and see things much better. They also had V-22 Ospreys and C-17s which would help out transportation.
If GW1 vs. today’s 2018 U.S. military, not even a contest. The GW1 air force would be totally outgunned from Day One by modern F-22s and F-35s. Then it’s simply a matter of taking out the GW1 forces bit by bit.

Notably, in 2003 and today, the more modern U.S. forces had CBU-105 Sensor-Fuzed Munitions, which could theoretically take out an entire armored enemy formation with just a few bombs. So the GW1 armor would be decimated very quickly.

I was under the impression the GW1 military was a lot larger since it was right after the Cold War when the military was 40% bigger. The Air Force also had much more in the way to reserve aircraft. I think the air war would go to GW1 air force simply because without the F-22 it would be basically the same aircraft fighting it out with the GW1 air force have way more aircraft to field.

Wiki says:
GW1: 700 000 US troops
GW2: 192 000 US troops.

I remember hearing that in GW1, they counted several aircraft per target whereas in GW2, it was several targets per aircraft (that might be in the last few years rather than GW2).
I very much agree with the sensors, communication and network-centric advantages. I’m wondering what tactics that would enable.
Do Western militaries today conduct exercises where both sides’ infantry have NVG/IR? What’s that like?

I suppose a related question might be: How are sniper duels conducted? You’re a sniper who wants to take out an enemy sniper, what’s that process going to be like?