What would an Amish Westworld be like?

Delos has opened up a new theme park world. Instead of the Wild West or Feudal Japan or Ancient Rome they choose an Amish theme What would Amishworld be like? Would they follow the same pattern of a relatively tame core area that gets less family friendly and more decadent the further out you get? No season 4 open spoilers please.

I’m betting the hardcore areas would be something like this:

(Someone was going to post this, so why not me?)

Are you raising a barn in your pocket, or…?

Are you familiar with Children of the Corn? The Wicker Man? Midsommar? That’s the kind of thing, I’d imagine.

It would be just like every other …World. Sex with robots, just more chaste. This one would be for the religious tightie righties, so that they can pretend that when they “bundle” it’s not really sex. And they can reenact the key scenes from Witness.

And there’s a church at the exit, where they can confess and repent before returing home to wife and kinder.

Now matter how kind you are, German children are kinder.

The bald gunslinger in the black shirt would go around beating up old men with beards and straw hats.

I’m thinking RumspringaWorld would be the correct title, and then you’d have this at the exit.