What would be the best kind of leg holster for this Nerf gun?

I’m putting together a costume and I need to find a leg holster that fits the Nerf Scout ix-3 I’m modding to fit the costume.

I’m going as River Song from Doctor Who and I need something comparable to her leg holster. Doesn’t matter if it’s black, I just need something that will fit my gun and hopefully not cost an arm and a leg? It needs to also be able to wrap around my thigh. At this point really anything will work as long as it fits the gun. I don’t care if it looks modern or military.

These are the gun’s measurements.

Any ideas?

Mods, I wasn’t sure if this would go here or GQ, but thought this was the safer bet. If I’m wrong, please accept my apologies and move this as you see fit.

I suspect that finding a ready-made holster that fits reasonably and/or looks about right will be a challenge. I’ve had decent results in the past making custom-fit costume holsters out of posterboard and duct tape (as needed), typically using staples for the seams. The cardboard can be colored with paint or markers, or covered with Contact Paper.

Silver/gray Contact Paper on the Nerf gun may make it look a bit more realistic.

Thanks, I’ve been checking out some youtube videos on this, so that’s always a backup

The gun I’m making is currently drying with it’s third coat of paint, with all of those grooves filled in underneath. The one pictured is just the standard gun so I could show dimensions