Trekkies: I need a holster for a Bajoran phaser

I confess, I’m a trekkie (or trekker if you prefer). Now putting together a costume for the Major Kira (DS9) character. Got a toy Bajoran phaser but need some way to attach to my belt. I found a photo online that shows Maj. Kira with a holster of some sort with the phaser in it. I’ve browsed the web for hours and can’t find anything like a holster for the phaser. I could probably make one if someone could get me a better photo or instructions, or tell me where I might buy one.

This is the weapon we’re talking about, right?

I actually might suggest trying to find a cheap, smallish purse or handbag that’d be the right size to hold the thing appropriately, and modifying it for fit and look from there.

Edit: Failing that, maybe a Berns-Martin holster? :smiley:

Yes, that it. And that photo of Maj. Kira is the only one I could find that partially shows the holster, so I was hoping to get a better look at one. Maybe someone here knows of other photos?

Here’s an image from an auction of Star Trek props. Bit vague looking, sorry :slight_smile:

If it were me, I’d purchase some KYDEX sheeting (a thermoplastic) and then heat and shape it over the phaser to approximate the shape you want, then cover the resulting plastic sheath with fabric to match your outfit. Do a Google search for KYDEX and you will find suppliers as well as examples of others having used it to make various sheaths. Good luck.

Depending on your budget, you may be able to find a SLR Camera holster suitable for your needs. Most have tops, but a pair of scissors solves that. Some of them have belt loops and should be about the right size. They’re roughly triangular, like you’ll need. But their colors and labels, and sometimes extra pouches, may take work to remove or disguise. Making one yourself may be your best bet.


Looking at the picture Pushkin posted, I’d be inclined to make it out of cardboard, and then glue fabric over it. Any fabric left over from the uniform would be ideal, by the look of it.

If you’ve got money to burn, you could send it to a custom gun-holster maker.

Here is a holster for a Browning High-Power that might work, depending on your dimensions. Plus, it’s only $12.50.

Well I could afford custom made (I think) if it was something I was going to use a great deal. Pushkin’s photo shows up very well on my monitor - a big improvement over the other photo - and will help me make one. Thanks everyone for the ideas.