What would be the death toll of a FlashForward event?

Never watched the TV series but recently finished the book.


For those who haven’t seen/read it a physics experiment causes the entire population of the planets conciousness to leap forward a number of years for two minutes. During that two minutes everyone instantly falls unconcious no matter what they’re doing. As can be expected the death toll when people wake up is substantial.

I was wondering how substantial what would be a ballpark figure for an event like that? Any ideas?

Never read the book but watched the first half of the show before giving up. I remember talking about this when the show started, and the destruction shown was way overblown. The biggest deaths I would think would be from cars crashes, and really, it wouldn’t be like everyone careens into each other at full speed. Planes are usually on auto-pilot, so the one’s that would crash would the ones taking off or landing. I imagine there would be a lot of people falling down stairs or hitting their head on a table. But it wouldn’t be like in the show (I don’t know how it is in the book) but there wouldn’t be fires everywhere or anything. And probably about a third of the population would be already asleep.