What would be your black superhero name?

The title is pretty well self explanatory. If you were to become an African American superhero, what would be your name.

I would be Tyronado, the supreme commander of wind.



Why does it make a difference whether I’m a black or white superhero?

Or are you asking for puns on stereotypical black names?

“Bad Muthafuckah!”


In general, you can be whatever color superhero you want. This was a question I was asked this weekend, and I found it intersting. I guess it could be a pun on stereotypically African American names but I am sure there are other ways to go at it as well.

ThereCanBeOnly Juan
Oh, wait a sec, that’s my Hispanic superhero name…

That’s what’s happenin’!

Barack Obama?

::thinks about his AA friends::


Hmmmmm…I got nuthin’.

Black Thunder.


I already have my black nickname. It’s Killah. I named the guy who named me that Slayah. His coworker is Destroyah. Today we named one of their customers Stranglah. She likes it.

The other day Slayah asked me what I wanted for lunch. “Watchu want, Killah?” I put on my meanest face and growled in a menacing tone, “PB&J. And don’t cut the crusts off.”

Tyronasauras Rex. I’d be one bad muthah of a lizzud.

That’s awesome. Wouldn’t proper usage be “…don’t cut the crusts off, bitch”?

It was a guy, so I guess “…don’t cut the crusts off, yo” might have worked better.

Yeah, I’m one bad mother.

Blax the Immorblack?

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Or you could have softened it up to biyatch.

ETA: And yes, you are one bad mother.

According to the superhero bylaws you can’t introduce yourself with a question mark.

You’ve been warned.

Might as well go all the way and echo the name of a former NBA star from the late '70s: Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins.

You certainly could do worse than to emulate him. Now there was a superbad dude with flash. He broke backboards and named his dunks. He claimed to be from another planet (“Lovetron”) where he honed himself in “interplanetary funkmanship”. And he was also capable of more mundane pithiness, once famously observing that “When it’s all been said and done, there’s nothing left to say or do.” Samuel Beckett would have agreed!

Or go one step further and call yourself “SWEET Chocolate Thunder”.