What would happen if a US citizen stole, say, Kim Jong Un's personal yacht?

Just in general, if a U.S. citizen commits a crime against an enemy of the United States, could and would they be prosecuted? It’s just a hypothetical, I don’t even know if the Korean leader has a yacht, but it made me wonder what would happen if someone motored the stolen vehicle into a harbor in the US. Maybe the US authorities would seize it (since it would not be registered to whoever was on it), but would they actually return it to it’s rightful owner?

Sure they’d return it. With a few dozen bugs, and pinhole cameras.

They returned that stolen MiG. After disassembling it and having a nice good look at it.

The answer would really be more a matter of foreign policy rather than criminal justice, and so I assume it would vary by country.

Not only does he have a yacht, he won his first regatta at the age of 9;

Depends. Does the perp have a letter of marque?

Can a letter of marque be granted retroactively?

The United States is technically at war with North Korea, which does allow some “confiscation” of property. But there are limits which would probably be factors here.

The first is that while we’re at war, a ceasefire is in effect. This probably also includes a prohibition on other acts like confiscating enemy property.

Another factor is that confiscation of property is only allowed by certain parties. It must be an agent of one government confiscating property belonging to the other government. Most US citizens aren’t acting as agents of the US government. (And somebody who is, like a member of the armed forces, would be in a great deal of trouble if they took it upon themselves to steal Kim’s yacht.) The other factor is the gray area between what Kim Jong Un owns as a private citizen and what he owns as head of state.

All of this adds up to the theft of Kim’s yacht almost certainly being illegal and you being prosecuted for the crime. But on the plus side, you’d be taking the heat off of Seth Rogen and he’d owe you one.

Here is the list of KPAF defections. Only one was an actual MIG and it was definitely not returned. It is currently on display at the USAF museum near Dayton. Some of the others were MIG clones and none of them seem to have been returned.

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But the US did offer it to the North Koreans after studying it for a few years. They declined.

Okay, we’ve all seen the movies, we can pull this off.
Open requisitions,
We’ll need a leader, Confident but not cocky, smooth and charming, but with baggage.
Second a hot chick leading a seeming normal life now, but expertly trained in the past.
Third a cocky young kid with a lot to prove.
Definitely a computer/electronics expert, the more anti-social the better.
and round it out with a few variously ethnic/foreign guys with very specific skills, that will certainly come in handy.
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Ohh yeah I forgot a weapons expert who is probably going to betray everybody.

Step 1 - Intelligence. If you know where his yacht was made we need to befriend a night watchman so we can get access to the ships schematics.
Step 2 - Inside Man. We need to have somebody get close to KJU that would get up close access to the yacht. I recommend we hire Dennis Rodman and have him defect as a ruse to gain Kim’s trust… Plot point, we don’t rescue Rodman at the end to bring him back!

Shouldn’t we also include a North Korean defector who has the inside info we need, but is morally conflicted because he still has family on the inside who Kim could throw in gulag any day?

Well, there’s this: Whoever transports in interstate or foreign commerce a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft, knowing the same to have been stolen, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

So it seems possible that such a person could be prosecuted, but they probably won’t.

Rodman’s not a bad choice. He has already worn a dress several times, and at some point cross-dressing is sure to be required.

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