What Would Happen if Bush or Gore had To Take A Leak During the Debates?

I know this is a dumb question but I am just plain curious about what ya’ll think?

You see last night when I was watching the debates I had to go three times.(drinking beer to try to flush out the devil kidney stones in me you know) So I started to wonder because it has happened to me before(had to go) when I was presenting a big proposal to one of the beer companies for work. There were about 9 people around the conference table and I had been drinking alot a coffee that morning(stayed up late working on the proposal)and I had to go…bad. But I thought to myself that it would be embarrassing to get up during the meeting especially since I was trying to sell them. If somebody was selling to me, I would have no problem excusing myself.

So this got me to thinking. What if the canidates needed to go during the debates? I mean really go(of course at first they would try to hold it). But what if they had to go so bad, they couldn’t think staight(so it would be hard to answer question effeciently) because the only thing they could think about IS MAN A GOTTA PEE!!!(they say this to themselves of course.) So what would they do? What would you do? And how would it be percieved by the voters?

I mean some people would probably think it was ok, humerous and just plain being human. But then of course others would think man this dude can even hold his piss for 90 minutes how could he make a good president?

Anyway what are your thoughts? Would it help him get votes or would it lose him votes?

I will read them when I get back I have to go take a leak. :wink:


Good asnwer. Now I’m pissed…

He’d say “No mas!” and his handlers would throw in the towel.

Good answer. And probably a good idea. But if the news ever got out that the canidate wore depends during the debates oooohhhh, can you imagine the flac? Afterall look at Dan Quale’s potato with an e, poor dude never lived that down.

Man, this dude can’t even hold it for 90 minutes? How could he be President?

They’re professionals. They’ve trained for this.

Bedpan or catheter maybe?

:slight_smile: -> :slight_smile: -> :slight_smile: -> :frowning: ->:( -> :eek: -> :smiley: -> :slight_smile:

…no one can tell me there weren’t a few times that Reagan didn’t have to go during a debate or speech.

During the early stages of Alzheimer’s, bladder control can be a problem. Reagan was showing more than a few of the other signs of the disease during his last days in power, so one can draw the obvious conclusions.

WEll, then I guess they’re in hot water.

Don’t you mean if this story ever got leaked?

Well, the table did conceal them from the waist down. :smiley:

Maybe they used a coffee can, truck driver style

This has already been thought of and addressed. For two days prior to the debate the canidate neither eat nor drinks. Instead they are fed with a nutrient paste injection. This solves any problems arrising from urination, defecation, and possible vomiting. Not to mention the far morre common problem of gas.


You probably have a good point. Maybe both of them had one of those bottles(like Burt Reynolds did in Semi Tough)to go in. It sure would have been funny to hear that nose of the whiss hittling the bottom of the bottle on national TV. :smiley:

Oh, it’s just like the poor little quiz show kid in Magnolia!


Exactly you got it. You can not think or pay attention when you have to piss. And you’re very very uncomfortable.

But it would be awefully funny to see oh Gore wiss in his pants. :smiley: (hey, I’am a Rublican I am not going to suggest Bush would do it. :wink:

Why, if I really had to go, I’d just pee on the other candidate! :^D

Excuse me Mr. Gore, but "THIS’ is what I think of your environmental proposals. zip thump psssssssssss
So brilliant, it just might win the election.

I’m surprised no one’s posted this yet:

They’d tag in Nader or Buchanan to take over for them.

Imagine this:

Dubya: Uh, excuse me. I have to talk to a man about a horse.

Al: No problem.

Dubya walks away. He taps Ralph Nader on the shoulder as he walks off the stage, and says, “he’s all yours.”

Nader sits down next to Gore and starts asking him why he’s not a liberal anymore…

(I can dream, can’t I?)

Well, you know, the lower halves of their bodies are both blocked by those podiums.

How do we know they don’t have a relief tube or piss-bottle down there?