What would happen if I deep fryed my burrito?

I’m talking about those cheap frozen ones you buy at the grocery store for about three for a dollar.

I remember when I was a kid I use to love these things when they served them up at school. Except, somehow, they were able to get theirs to look a nice golden brown. (And crispy too)

I thought if I cooked them in the oven (as opposed to the microwave like I usually do) I might get this effect. NO DICE!

I looked on the package, it doesn’t say anything about deep frying them.

I’m thinking this is proly’ because one would practicaly have to have a “death wish” in order to eat one. (deep fried that is… It’s debatable if one would have to have a “death wish” to eat one period. :smiley: )

You’d have a Chimichanga though I don’t know if using a store bought frozen burrito of death is a good idea. I’d make it fresh.


I remember those burritos and they were SO good! But I could never find them here–I’d always have to wait until I visited family in Texas to get them. So one day, I tried exactly what you suggest here (using the frozen beef and bean variety).

Bingo!! They were perfect!

I just thaw them slightly (one minute or less in the microwave) and put them in the deep fryer for 4-6 minutes. In fact, I have a package of burritos in the freezer right now–I’ll have to fix some today!

It can be done, but as the above poster said the thawing is essential. Otherwise you’ll end up with a burrito that’s crisp and brown on the outside and frozen solid in the middle.

Is that what kids are calling it these days?


When I get frozen things that dont’ get crispy enough in the oven, I usually microwave them until they are warm and thawed, then brown and crisp them in a regular frying pan, using oil or Pam, depending on how unhealthy I’m feeling at the time. It’ll make them less uniformly crispy than deep frying, but it’s probably slightly healthier. However, if you’re not worred about the oil/fat, then I say go for deep frying!

You’d eat standing up for eight weeks, and sleep on your stomach.

I do it all the time. I thaw them about 30 seconds then drop them into the deep fryer for about 6 minutes turing it halfway through.

You can get frozen chimichangas as well if you don’t want to bother with the deep fryer.

That and the fruit punch that comes in paper cartons they get from some delicious location.

It would taste good.

Frozen chimichangas are not nearly as tasty, BTW. And you don’t need to drag out the whole deep fryer. Thaw the burrito in the microwave, while you are heating up a small frying pan of oil – the oil just needs to be an inch or so deep. Heat it good and hot, then slide the thawed burrito in. Cook it 'til it’s golden brown, then – carefully flip it over and cook the other side. Yum. I may have a couple of these for my dinner tonight!

In our school (I see you’re from Sugar Land–you may have heard of the town that school’s in–Port Lavaca), they had the Hi-C fountain drinks.

A deep-fried burrito with a large grape Hi-C…mmmmm!!! :slight_smile:

You’d burn your ass.

Burrito’s … well I don’t link beans that much and refried beans uugg!
So if it weren’t for the beans I’d love em!

But …Empanada’s …Uummm! I discovered these a few years ago via
a pal from Columbia.

For thse who haven’t been enlightened!

Basicaly they are made froam that same same type of dough (lard,egg,flour and a
littel sugar) with meat and veggie fillings that are deep fried … about the size of
jumbo raviolie shaped a mini calzone! My favorite is the simple beef, potato, pepper, and onion ones! With hot sauce on the side please!

Found in any hispanic neibourhood!

If your thinking Deep Fried Burrito … I’m sure you’d love em!

Umm does that come with a nitro pill on the site?

Double the pleasure of your fine dining experience with a deep-fried Mars bar for dessert, maybe dipped in a fondu dish filled with hot Kahlua if you’re with particularly snobbish company.

Each of your guests, as the delicate vapours rising from the cooling chocolate-bar batter enveloped in Kahlua tickle their tongues, will enjoy the Japanese-tea-like ritual of unwrapping a celluloid-covered, plastic-tipped cigarillo, and as you create clouds of odiferous mist from fine rum-dipped tobacco, retire to the television room, lean back and enjoy the wonderful dramatic acting one can find only with the Dukes of Hazzard.

Ahh, heaven. What a time to be alive.

I’d forgotten about fried frozen burritos! I used to get those all the time in the school cafeteria, and they’d pour chili (no beans! This is Texas!) or chile con queso over the top. Truly a marvel of fine cuisine. I might have to pick some up at the store soon…

Mars bars aren’t to my taste. I’d go for Bounty bars in Canada, or Mounds in the US. In either case, they’re chocolate-covered coconut, and very good even when they’re cold.

I might go for Grand Marnier or Drambuie for a dip.

But the Dukes would be about right!

Ask yourself this question. “Would Homer Simpson, left to his own devices, think this is a good idea?”

If the answer is yes, then don’t do it.

Deep fry not thy burrito!