What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?


“OK, Superman? This is why no one wants to play baseball with you.”

I was going to say that the bat would probably break no matter if the trademark was up or not, but I like this version better.

And I like the rule interpretation, too!

I’d imagine pitcher shoulder and elbow injuries would increase.

The energy of the baseball is almost exactly a megaton. Huh.

Something similar happened in one of Isaac Asimov’s short stories, except that it was a billiard ball. As I remember the story, it made a neat hole in the chest of the person who was in its way.

And there was no earth shattering kaboom.

No, the incidence of pitchers being vaporized would increase. I don’t think you’d notice if you had a shoulder or elbow injury under those circumstances.

Or have sex. (Larry Niven’s classic essay, detailing the problems (physics, biology, etc.) Superman faces trying to reproduce with a human “designated LL for convenience.”) Poor LL.

I like this bit at the end:

Might as well scatter the ashes there as anywhere else.

You just know the next pitch would be a change-up, right?

Randall’s wrong there, by the way. The batter would, by Munroe’s own calculations, not be hit by the pitch. He would have stepped out of the batter’s box, although given that the ball wouldn’t actually make it across the plate (there not being a plate by the time the ball got there,) it would properly be called a ball.

Excellent. The funniest thing was the postscript.

Well played!

Signal from catcher: “NOT THE FASTBALL!!!”

However, see Rule 6.02(d)(1):

There’s no denying that the batter is forced out of the batter’s box by the pitch. I believe that a properly situated umpire (presumably in the reinforced bunkers hundreds of miles away that were designed for the Disaster Area concert the previous month) would have to award first base.

“unsuspecting batter” - tee hee!

See it yourself! The batter is certainly going to leave the dirt circle around home plate.

I do think that the crooning tones of Hotblack Desiato would be the perfect walk-up song for our .9c pitcher.

I must disagree. The dirt circle will obviously be travelling with the batter, so he won’t be leaving it.