What would Mcdonalds pay to be on the dollar bill?

Post #3 of this thread got me thinking.

In your opinion, how much money would Mcdonalds/Sony/FOX pay to have an entire US dollar bill dedicated to them?

I’m interested in what you think their actual deal would be for say, a 100 sponsorship?

I mean, instead of x-President, it would feature the company’s logo in the same size, and have their website printed on it.

In your wildest dreams, what do you imagine the deal would entail?

I don’t believe they’d pay anything for it as things stand now. The negative public backlash would be ruinous.

In some hypothetical world where we don’t mind selling ad space on our money, it’s tough to say.

How would it work spending a McDonald’s dollar at Burger King?

So KFC goes to the Vatican for a meeting with the Pope. They lay out a snazzy presentation on the gloriousness that is KFC and how pious its founder, Colonel Sanders, was. They end the meeting with a request: change the prayer over daily bread to the prayer over daily chicken.

“I can’t do that!” the Pope exclaims. “It’s a sacred and holy ritual and an order from God himself.”

“We can offer $100 million and stock options.”

“Let me see what I can do,” the Pope says.

So he arranges a meeting with his Cardinals. They gather 'round a table and the Pope says “I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that we’re going to meet our financial needs for the next year and give so much money for charity.”

“The bad news is that we may be losing the Wonder Bread account.”

Excellent idea! That’ll bring back the value of paper money! Maybe we can get sports figures to replace the Prezs’ pics? :smiley:

What? It’s practically Unamerican NOT to have logos on your money.

Why limit to just one sponsor?

It’s the New Taco Bell Pizza Hut TD Ameritrade $5 bill!

Could create some interesting possibilities for collectibles and such. Would it be worth it to allow a space on a bill for an ad and then allow companies to purchase such bills and add them to change funds in their stores. You could offset the cost of printing the money, charge additional fees for cutting plates, have like a 10,000 note minimum. IF it was my business I would offer a discount to anyone who brought in cash with my branding on it (thus further incentive to spend said cash at my business). Could also make things interesting in that it would tend to encourage cash spending as opposed to credit cards.

I remember hearing once about plans to advertise on postage stamps. the idea was that the advertiser would subsidize a portion of the cost, so, for example a McDonald’s First Class stamp might cost the consumer 30 cents. I thought this was an interesting idea and a little surprised it never really came to fruition.

Hey, that’s not an entirely bad idea… I think it could work!

But at the rate the USPS moves, it’ll never happen.