What would Repubs do if Israel decided to fight climate change?

(Wasn’t sure if this belonged in Politics, but since it’s pure flight of fancy, I put it here.)

Suppose tomorrow, Israel’s government put out a statement something along the lines of, “As a coastal nation, we have come to the conclusion that fighting climate change is vital to the continued health and survival of the Israeli nation. Science and scientists have convinced us that it is real, and we will be putting in substantial effort to reverse the warming trend. We invite all allies of the Israeli people to join us in our efforts.”

How would Republican/conservative lawmakers and pundits in this country react?

My guess: ignore it like they do every other domestic issue Israel’s leaders address.

I think they do, I found this article.

Israel also has universal health care with heavy government involvement and humane prisons. So there is a lot for RWAs to dislike.

I halfway figured that. What I was interested in is what they’d do if Israel specifically tied climate change to their security, and did it openly enough to imply, or explicitly say, that friends of their country would help fight climate change. Perhaps they’d try to weasel out of not believing in that link, I dunno.

Keep in mind that a lot of Republicans are only pro-Israel because they believe its existence is a prerequisite for the return of Christ. They don’t really care what the specific policies of the Israeli government are so long as it continues to exist. Granted these days there’s ways in which US conservatives’ secular foreign policy goals align with Israel’s, but the Republican Party’s unconditional support of Israel is rooted in pandering to Evangelicals. Also consider that in the early days of US Evangelicals’ love affair with Israel, Israeli domestic politics were very left-wing, sometimes veering into borderline Marxism. If that didn’t faze them I doubt a little environmentalist rhetoric is going to.

Now, maybe if the Israeli government said, “as soon as the US cuts its carbon emissions by X amount we’ll get right on that whole building the Third Temple thing” that might get some results.

That is all very true. I guess the only way to force the issue would be for them to declare, “if you don’t do this, we don’t consider you a true friend of Israel,” and even then I would assume that conservatives would dismiss it, since their constituents aren’t generally over there.

I don’t think it would make much difference. To use another political issue as an example, Israel is generally pro-LGBT and pro-gay marriage, isn’t it? And that hasn’t made Republican support waver much, has it?

Only if you have a cartoonish view of Republican/conservatives blindly approving absolutely anything Israel does, would you even ask that question.

Israel has quite a few very Socialist aspects. From welfare benefits to nationalized/state owned banks/companies to state ownership of most land. Those are policies that Republicans/conservatives may not embrace for the United States but definitely have no business approving or disapproving for other countries. And that would include the “global warming” related policies, whatever they may be.

Quite right.

And the rest of their support is based on a mix of two geo-political things: First is residual Cold-war clientele-ism, where the neighboring Arabs were largely Soviet clients and Israel was our client. We support Israel now because we always have. Second is simply modern anti-Islamism. In a simple us-them binary worldview, we have to choose either the Israelis or the Islamists. It’s pretty clear which one a rightist would prefer.

Last of all is the simple fact that despite US Jews’ collectively being thought of as left of center, that’s mostly a phenomenon of the Jewish middle class. There are plenty of very wealthy Jewish folks who lean right, donate accordingly, and make support of Israel a precondition for those donations. Given how much louder money is than mere votes, we get the effect we see.

You imply that Republicans/conservatives have business approving or disapproving other Israeli policies.

A great example of how the best jokes contain at least a kernel of truth!! :slight_smile:

Greasy Jack:

So, the US decreases its carbon emissions, and in response, Israel increases its Korban emissions?

This thread is based on a lot of dubious assumptions about why Republicans support Israel.

The notion that a majority of Republicans support Israel because of millenialist reasons is simply not reality-based. If it was, Republican support ought to be reasonably constant in recent years - as religious opinions do not shift quickjly. In actual fact, Republican support has varied a lot, and tracks ME events pretty closely.

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The implication is that the increase in support derives from ‘an enemy of our enemy’. Unless 2000 support derived almost solely from millenialism - a very dubious proposition - it seems very unlikely that millenialsim is a majority reason for overall support.

Republicans believe that Israel is infallible in foreign policy only. Part of it is anti-Muslim bigotry and a bit is the belief of some Christians that Israel must exist in order for the Rapture to occur. For social issues, Republicans are no more inclined to embrace Israeli policies than they are Swedish ones.

Israel has a lot invested in —and researches a lot of — alternative energy tech; and has done for many decades.
One reason being they have a lot more sun than oil.

the “Rapture” LOL

Oh brother, people are really tying themselves into knots here.

I regard Israel as an ally, and would want to help them whenever they face military threats to their existence. It doesn’t follow that I’d let Israel call the tune on American domestic policies. I don’t believe ANY Republican, no matter how pro-Israel, would change his stance on any issue of importance based on the whims of Israel’s Prime Minister.

Moreover, the extent to which Republican support for Israel is based on the book of Revelation has been ridiculously exaggerated. I can’t think of a single Republican who bases his foreign policy judgments on Apocalyptic prophecies.

Is Israel a leader in solar energy use? It has the right climate for solar power-how much do they generate?

Wikipedia — Solar Power in Israel

And that’s only until recently, wiki being updated rather slowly. People seem to have little idea how Solar Power has exploded in the last 3 years. The Saudis have just begun a 200-megawatt plant in Dubai in the last few months to transition from oil.
90% of homes in Israel have a solar water heater developed by Harry Zvi Tabor started in the '70s, from that wiki article.

If Israel was true to form and fired with the typical religious zeal of modern climate alarmists, some awkward events would occur.

Israel would bomb oil production facilities in the region, including in Europe. It would also bomb European coal and gas fire power stations, and destroy oil and gas pipelines from Russia. It would also massively expand its nuclear power generation capability ‘for peaceful purposes only’.

However, America would be safe from Israeli attack, and probably self-sufficient so perhaps the Republicans wouldn’t worry too much?