What would someone experience if cut in half?

If someone were cut in half from top to bottom, what would they experience? Would their consciousness stick to one half, or split into 2? How would one go about finding this out?

I’m not speaking from experience, but I think they would experience immediate death.

I do not recommend experimenting to find this out.

This might be of some interest to you:


Thanks, that’s what I was wondering. However, I don’t quite understand the article:
How does the person change? Does their IQ drop, do they lose memories?
Are they aware of any changes?
Do they have any difficulty getting both sides of their body to cooperate?

Yes, I’d say it drops… sharply.



Here is a link to one possible answer.

It’s just a silly horror movie, where a bunch of idiots are trapped in a house chock-full of booby traps (can’t remember the name); a lawyer-type is sliced in half from ear to ear by a razor-sharp pane of glass. As his front half slides down his eyes dart frantically about, as if he/it is still conscious.

13 ghosts…


But not to the pain.

CAUTION: TV Tropes linky.

His right hand wouldn’t know what his left hand was doing.

I don’t know the answer but I like how the “doing the sawing” guy on the right in the drawing on the right is smiling.

May I be the first to say

EWWWWWWW :slight_smile:

Some of him would be left, but the rest would be all right.


I wonder if you take, say, a 150 pound person, and snip off some non-vital bits like a little skin and fat, and put it in a freezer, and keep doing that once a month for twenty years, could you eventually end up with more that 150 pounds of that person in the freezer?

Sure. What if you saved all your hair and nail clippings, and your baby teeth, and all those skin cells that dust is composed of, plus the skin that peels from sunburn. It will add up over time. If you thrown in some facelifts and liposuction you should be able to get 150 lbs easily.

I bet there are hoarders who do that.

Ask Caleb. I’m sure he can tell you.

No, although sometimes one half of the brain will take action without consulting the other; the other half then rationalizes why they did it. Whisper something like “walk” in the ear connected to the less-verbal half, and they walk; and the more verbal left half brain will say “Oh, I was going to get a drink”.

An interesting related fact; there’s a pair of conjoined twins, girls who are in essence one body with two heads who each control half of their shared body. They can coordinate their actions well enough to play two handed musical instruments, with no connection between their brains at all.

My personal belief is that our apparent unity is partially an illusion; we are to a degree two (or more) entities that cooperate so closely that we act as one.

That’s an interesting hypothesis. Maybe our brain divides everything into “part of me” and “the world”, and rationalises everything that comes from “part of me”. Then again, in this procedure, the brain isn’t totally divided into 2 halves, they’re still connected by the brainstem (right?), so there’s some communication between the 2, maybe more basic than normal.