What would the world look like

Spinoff of the Centaur topic, but one I have thought about from time to time.

What would the world look like if humans had a mating season. Something like deer and elk have with a yearly rut.


Extraordinarily cyclical economy. If you think the whole Christmas Economy thing is skewed now…

It would look like Spring Break.

Yeah, pretty messy. As a species, we’ve gotten pretty reliant on our social support systems, but during mating season, all that would probably go right out the window. National economies would be sort of wrecked if one month out of the year, say, you couldn’t trust anyone, really, to keep their head on while operating heavy machinery - wow, 'scuse me, I know surgery starts in 15 minutes but the doctor and I have got some serious boinking to do right now!

Would wars also be seasonal? Soldiers droppong their weapons all at the same time and walking away to find sex? Or would the concentration of ales in rut with relatively few females cause an extreme aggression towards each other?

“Are you game?”


is that an exchange between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny?