What would you cook to take on a day long road trip

Hello everyone,

My daughter and her husband and three kids are going to Disneyland this weekend and I’ve volunteered to prepare the food for their trip.

We have one very fussy eater. I’m making some bacon for him, so maybe I can use the rest of the bacon for a Quiche for the rest of them. But I’d love some other ideas.

Fussy boy will also eat cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, so in order to use the rest of the tortillas, I was thinking maybe some type of rollups for the adults.

Anyway, your ideas are appreciated. Both savory and sweet and easy to eat.

Thanks in advance.

Hard boiled eggs. Red Bull. Red Bull and vodka for the parent not driving.

A coupla PB&J sammiches on whole wheat, a coupla bags of BBQ or sour cream and onion chips, some pickles in a waterproof container, blue and green grapes, and ice water in a cooler.

I really would t cook but I’d pack, Jerky, cheese snacks, trail mix, oranges, apples, a bucket of fried chicken, cold beverages, candy.

Sandwiches. I wouldn’t cook anything for a road trip. Sandwiches are what I most associate with road food. If you want to be fancy-esque, make a muffaletta.

If I was driving from El Dorado to Anaheim with a carful of kids, I’d stop at the In-n-Out in Kettleman City.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I just like to cook so I was thinking I could make it more special by cooking, but I ended up getting quite a bit of already prepared foods.

I am going to make them a small batch of seven layer dip and some tortilla roll ups. Some with peanut butter and jelly.

Thanks ya’ll.

Glad to - and have fun!