What would you do if money were literally no object

A guy I know said if he ever came into mega-money he’d go to the county jail and [his words] “Bail every mother fucker out. Even the ones with five million dollar bonds! Flooding the streets of downtown Milwaukee with 1000 shitbags all at once”!

So keep in mind that for every one of you with noble intentions there is a crazy man with different ideas.

As much as I enjoy occasional chaos I hope he does that while I’m on vacation.

I would love to make miniseries [Game of Thrones type series, however episodes it would take for each book] frex, we just watched the Japanese “Door Into Summer” and while it was entertaining, as was “Starship Troopers”, they simply were NOT the books they started out. I think the first would probably be “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” and then perhaps the Liadan universe would be fun. And I would prefer to use an actor that looks like the descriptions in the books, and not hire a famous actor unless they look like the character in the book.

There are some amazing sounding train trips - there is a Czar class compartment on the Trans Siberian Railway that sounds amazing. There is a north-south multicountry African train, one across Australia, and a Scotch Distillery and Cigar train trip in Scotland

Sounds like a good idea.

Hell yes - add in a boutique doctor, and a private nurse.

I wist after FennHaven - it is a mental construct I do on real long road trips - so many of my friends are fenn and authors, and are now hitting that certain age, and finding financial difficulty ensuing. I was mentally planning a residential community of half acre lots of either modular housing or trailer spaces, with a common entertainment area, maintenance and a shuttle to the doctors and entertainment venue service - if it were set up as some sort of nonprofit/sliding scale for rent, and had a huge bank of solar panels providing electricity to the units and selling into the grid to help finance things, it would be a good thing to do.

Besides two chicks at the same time, I’d have fun buying my way into places and situations most people couldn’t. Super Bowls, Oscar night after parties, things like that. I’d also make a habit of paying comedians and musicians for private performances.

Buy the internet, turn it off.

What’s up with waiting to become super rich in order to get two chicks at the same time. I was dirt poor when I had two chicks at the same time and they young and weren’t bad looking.

Me, I’m going to live at national parks and nature preserves all over the world in the best accommodations possible with appropriate transportation 24/7 while I dole out grants to worthy people. I’m not even going to own a house or a boat because I’ll constantly be on the move, just rent, eat and drink the best.

And back to the chicks, maybe I’ll start an escort service at the top of Four Seasons and do the other stuff Kid Rock sings about in Cowboy like rent a yacht with a flag sayin’ “chillin’ the most”, then rock that bitch up and down the coast.

Let’s take all the charitable and worthwhile stuff as read and focus on the frivolous and wholesale trolling:

  • Offer some British theatre school an endowment on the condition that they make the actor Brian Cox a Professor, just to annoy the other guy.

  • Fly everywhere first class while dressed like a homeless person.

  • Set up a stand outside a Trump rally offering free beer and burgers to anyone wearing a mask and able to present proof of vaccination.

  • Hire an actor to follow Jacob Rees-Mogg around dressed in a Victorian suit and top hat, riding a pennyfarthing.

Sadly, my dream of funding a film version of “Waiting for Godot” starring Adam West and William Shatner is no longer possible. It would have been glorious. GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU.

But you are filthy rich and could have them done virtually! Hell Shatner is still around to dub his voice. Don’t let this stand in the way of your dreams of GLORY!

I changed my mind. I’d buy controlling stock in Kellogg’s and make them bring back Dutch Apple Pop-Tarts.

Buy the state of Idaho, and give the good citizens exactly the type of theocratic dictatorship form of government they so dearly wish to have, with The Satanic Temple as the State Religion and Church. If the leaders of the Satanic Temple prefer to not be the State Religion and Church of Idaho, The Satanic Church would be the next choice, followed by organizing a whole new congregation along the principles of the satanic churches above.

I would buy the 140 acre farm where my horse is boarded, build houses for all the maintenence guys, of course pay all their living expenses plus a hefty $100K per year salary. I’d kick out half the boarders so that all my friends’ horses could have double wide stalls. I’d air condition the barn and put in heated floors. Not too hot, maybe only 35 so water buckets don’t freeze. I’d buy townhomes in Edinburgh and London. I’d build myself a nice house here in no. Illinois on property big enough that I don’t have to see anyone. Then I’d tell everyone that I don’t like to go to hell.

For myself, I would:

-Buy several properties in the Czech Republic and Canada (as a minimum, houses/apartments in both Prague and Toronto, a cottage in a Czech wood or village)

-Spend a lot more time travelling, especially around Europe and North America, staying in nice hotels, and indulging in local cuisine

-Buy a 1978 Chevy El Camino Black Knight and two or three other classic cars

-Buy a set of bagpipes made by the Peter Henderson firm (other pipers would understand why)

-Get a dog and probably another small pet or two

For the world, I would:

-Found a non-profit aimed at in promoting a radical increase in the rights of children and youth

-Invest in other causes I believe in, particularly environmental ones

I would also definitely want to put some of that money back into business. Even large amounts of money depreciate over time with inflation. Money should multiply, not decrease.

Resurrect the Wooly Mammoth

The usual stuff: fantastic mansion, surrounded by a forest; help family and close friends; fix the education system; give to charity; fully restore Notre Dame; etc.

Also, as I conceived on the SDMB some years ago, I’d build a replica of some Gothic cathedral, complete with stained glass, working gargoyles (downspouts), grotesques, immense bells, and the best church pipe organ available. I’d learn to play the organ and do it whenever I want. I’d rent the place out for a nominal fee for serious concerts, recitals and other functions.

Hire a squad of hitmen, sorry hitpersons and send them after the world’s autocrats. Probably an effective way to make the world a better place.

Geopolitics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

I mean, requiring 12,000 slaves to help in assisting your philanthropic efforts, is a bit of a wash, right?

Buy the rights to the Dope, then . . . . .

I’m not sure that saying what I’d do is the best thing for my continued existence here.

Ooh …

I’d buy three mansions. One in the Northeast US, one in Finland, and one in Chile, down south where they get lots of sunlight in December. Each would be in a scenic location, with access to hiking trails. The one in the US would be readily accessible by public transit from either NYC or Boston, the one in Finland would be easy to get to from Helsinki.

Each would have a dance hall, for square dancing and similar dances, lots of guest rooms, a large kitchen to feed the guests, and a small kitchen for when it was just me and my family, and a well-paid full-time staff. And sure, I’ll try to buy citizenship in both Finland and Chile.

The US house would have lots of hidden passageways and secret rooms. Some would be hidden even from the staff. Somewhere, there would be a wardrobe opening into a forest. I’d also create an endowment, to keep it operating as an occasional square dance hall after my death. I might do the same for the Finnish one, depending on how popular my dances there prove to be.

Both the US and Finnish house would have views of water, but be on high enough ground that i didn’t have to worry about flooding. All three houses would be full of beautiful woodworking and large windows.

I’d also buy a private jet and keep a pilot on retainer so i could travel freely among my houses.

I sure as hell won’t be doing these things.

I for one welcome our new extremely wealthy overlord.