What would you do if you found these notes on your car?

Why do you want to risk a confrontation? In my view the note-writer has been civil and considerate ( despite being wrong about the law), so give him/her the benefit of the doubt and park further back, or in a parking lot.

In the US a F150 is a very common size vehicle. Pick ups make up 10 percent of the vehicles on the road, of which the F150 and similar (1500’s) make up the majority.
In response to the notes I would probably respond in an equally childish manner and leave a note for them.(it’s like highschool or something)

Leave a note:

  1. Outlining a sad tail of how you are very elderly and walking causes you great pain so you park there because it is the closest spot to your only living son’s apartment etc.

  2. ‘What first note are you talking about.’

  3. 'I’m sorry I do not understand your notes my English is not very good.(In perfect English)

  4. ‘I’m very concerned about the environment could you please stop killing trees to leave me messages.’

  5. ‘Smile your on camera and littering’

  6. ‘If you toucha my truck I’ll breaka your face’
    Or you could just park somewhere else.

I would park somewhere else. Regardless of what the law is, the guy is probably right that your parking so close makes it difficult for people to turn. Why would you want to make it harder for other drivers?

It doesn’t seem that the first note was unreasonable. You might not have realized that your parking was creating problems, and this person was just letting you know. The second note was snippy, but you were the one who chose to continue parking there after someone had let you know that it was creating difficulties.

Civil? Did you see the second note? Not to mention the note writer was off by… 20 feet. Maybe it’s because I live in Boston, but part of driving is having the skill to navigate the road safely. If fellow drivers are acting within the law it is my job to drive safely.

Note writer might want to consider sharpening his/her skills as a driver, instead of writing passive aggressive whines to a complete stranger. I’d have more respect if s/he attempted to talk to the OP, or left an e-mail address. It just sounds so third grade and pissy. Why not lobby the city to paint the curb or something that actually has a chance to work?

If he’s parking 10~15 ft back from the intersection, I don’t see what kind of car the note writer is driving where he couldn’t see around that. Maybe a car with a V-12 out in front, but most cars don’t have a 10 ft long hood. That’s why the law says 8 ft, almost every car on the road can position the driver where they can see up the road if vehicles are 8ft back.

As for the note writer being polite, fuck him. When he whipped out his indignation over the gas guzzling 4X4 owner not caring about others (which had nothing to do with where the OP was parked), he tipped his hand. He’s just an asshole with an ulterior agenda.

They both sound third-grade and pissy. The note-writer got in a snit and left his/her nasty notes. And the OP got in a snit about the notes and decided to keep parking there in an "I’ll show them sort of way, despite what should have been an actual concern about causing a traffic hazard.

Quite frankly, I think the OP is being a bit naïve to think that parking 10-15 feet back from the curb means that the police can’t be called on a car or truck obstructing the view. Just obstructing the view is probably enough to get ticketed. It is at least enough to get the police called out to look over the situation, which is probably what will happen if this little pissing match continues.

I drive a 300c and it’s by no means a small car but an F150 is huge in comparison. It has length and conciderable height. I had to see around a black one on my way to work today and I was thinking “DAMN, that thing’s a monster!” My gas pedal rectified the situation tho’. :wink:

However, I think it’s the drivers responsibility to navigate the roadways safely regardless of whether or not a truck is parked legally or not. If that person can’t make the turn safely they need to either reposition themselves, wait for a car to turn onto their street to provide a block, or perform a different manuever instead.

I don’t think the police ticket or tow vehicles that obey the letter of the law just because someone can’t see around it. As long as your vehicle follows state requirements and you’re parked legally you’re OK.

The responsibility of driving falls on the shoulders of the driver.

I’m guessing Sherman street is the cross street, not the one where your truck is parked.

How can it be a problem for people wanting to turn left? If you are back a car legnth, I don’t see how you present a huge problem, unless they just want to hang a left without really looking.

Leave a note, make sure it’s on different colored paper. Your penpal may not realize that it’s for them but think they have started a movement of some sort.

Just explain that you are within the law and if they wish to discuss it, to come inside the hospital.

“I asked you nice, you should have changed what you were doing because obviously I’m completly right and I considered every possible point about you and there could be no reason for you to not bow down to my wisdom escept that you hate the world and Jesus and puppies.” What a maroon!

Where do you get that from the OP? S/He researched the law, actually changed his/her behavior by ensuring s/he was in compliance; in fact at least 2’ more than the law requires. OP parks in the street legally out of convenience.

I fail to see how the OP can be ticketed if s/he researched the law and is in compliance. The threshold for changing one’s behavior in this instance should be following the law and using common sense. Ten feet from an intersection is a lot of space. Maybe note writer wants things just so but the OP is not obligated to do so; s/he’s complying with the law and it’s a public space. Further, I don’t detect any stick-in-the-mud attitude from him/her… where do you see this?

I think the first note was totally justified and polite. The fact that you took, “I think the law says 30 feet” as a “veiled threat” indicates something suspicious and negative about your character.

The fact that you use it as your justification for still parking there, (“So I have kept parking there.”) indicates that you’re a bit vengeful.

Now, if you wrote, “well, I understand his point, but I have kept parking there because it’s much easier on me” that’s one thing. But, you really sound like a tool the way you phrased that.

The second note, I would have reworded as

. . .in the hope that you might NOW get the hint.

The part about the F-150 was stupid. Everyone knows that those are work trucks. I assume that you are a landscaper for the hospital, or HVAC maintenance and have to carry machinery and whatnot back and forth.

S/He indicated to you that you might not understand how your actions were affecting other people. The fact that he left no name or number is completely immaterial.

Anyone who responds to that like, “well, if they can’t leave a number, then they’re beneath me” is acting like a third grader – regardless of whether the other person was being petty first.

And, furthermore. . .parking large vehicles close to intersections is dangerous to other people. Living in the city, I hate it. A guy does it in a Jeep Cherokee right near my home. . .I simply can’t see out into the road. I have to stick the front of my car well into the path of oncoming traffic before I can see if there IS oncoming traffic. There have been accidents at that intersection, and when a car, not the Jeep, is parked there, I have an adequate sightline. There have been accidents there before, and if they were caused by a large vehicle blocking the sightline, the large vehicle owner bears no responsibility.

You’re living in a society. Try to act like it.

See my post.

Also, 10 feet from an intersection is not a lot of space. Maybe if we all drove the same vehicle, but if people want to drive vehicles that are much larger than the average vehicle, and use PUBLIC SPACE, THEY should use a little common sense. . .realize that “if I’m driving a vehicle that is larger than average, perhaps I should leave a little more room”. Regardless of what’s legal.


Indeed. There may be two laws in play here: One that says “park 8 feet back from the intersection,” and one that says, “Don’t impede traffic” or some such.

ready29003, try a Google search for [your city] laws (or “ordinances” or “code” or some such) and browse through the sections on traffic and see what the law says, not just about parking but about general traffic obstruction and so on. I did the same for Memphis; our traffic ordinances state only that you can’t park within an interesection, but don’t give a distance. In theory, it sounds like you could park six inches back from the intersection and be fine. However, another section says:

I suspect your city has a similar law. (The definitional section defines “standing” so as to include parking, by the way.)

Mr. Post-it is a dick. Ignore his notes. Be ready for vandalism.

I would be concerned about my car getting hit by a turning vehicle or vandalized by a jerk with a note pad and a ball point pen, but that is for you to judge, knowing your neighbourhood and seeing the intersection.

I am not sure what I would personally do. It does sound like a bit of fun, trying to bust this guy, but it might not be worth the hassle.

I am curious about a parking spot being always available at a place with a shortage of parking spots, though. If parking is enough of an issue that you are always on the hunt for a better spot, how come your corner spot is not always taken by some Prius driver?

The person who wrote those notes is not a person who would vandalize his vehicle.

ready29003 sounds like the kind of person who would vandalize a vehicle.

Hypothetical question…

Would you park in a convenient & legal parking spot next to your destination that blocked a sight path (regardless of the size of your vehicle) or would you give it up and park an additional two city blocks from your destination?

I’m just askin’…

Answer honestly.

I’m confused. If someone is at intersection wanting to turn right, aren’t they looking toward traffic coming from the left? If they are waiting to turn left, aren’t they looking to the left or past a lane of traffic and out into the far lane of cars coming from the right?

How does a truck ten feet back from the intersection factor into either of these scenarios?

First off, the honest answer: if it seems to me as though where I’m parking might legitimately create a driving hazard, I’m parking somewhere else. The walk will do me good.

Second, the point: we’re not talking about having to walk an additional two blocks, we’re talking about, at worst, having to cross the street (remember, he was originally parking across the street). This question is not really relevant to the OP.


In one case, let’s say I’m facing northbound and I want to drive straight across an intersection. I have a stop-sign. Cross traffic doesn’t.

The truck is parked to my left facing eastbound on the cross-street. I need to look left to see if there is oncoming traffic. If a truck is parked there, I can’t see through it’s window’s to see down the road. That’s A scenario I’m imagining. There are others.

I make decisions all the time that inconvenience myself so that many other may benefit. Yes, I honestly would look for an alternate spot to park. All the time, I park on my street further from my house to keep the parking “united”. It’s not a difference of two blocks, but it’s something.

But, I’m able to avoid that issue by purchasing a vehicle that doesn’t block other vechicles’ sightlines, shine high-mounted headlights directly in other drivers’ eyes, or have a bumper at neck-level of other drivers.

And, as Daniel said, it’s not relevant either. You’re just playing “gotcha”.

I’m in the camp that thinks you should probably park further from the intersection and does not see a threat veiled or otherwise in the notes. The tone of the notes sounds irritable but I can imagine the person leaving them getting legitimately frustrated by your parking. I can imagine the person leaving the notes is anywhere from perfectly pleasant to somewhat of a busybody, but they are still passing on useful information to the effect that you’re bothering somebody. While you should obey laws, they can hardly be your only guide. The incorrect law reference in the note isn’t important.

Since you are asking, I suggest your guide would be that you’d try to be loving towards everybody, and certainly try very hard not to bother anybody, and this would dictate you should change your parking habits.

But I also like a minimalist approach toward communicating with whoever it is.

I disagree with this entirely. The kind of person who leaves multiple anonymous notes is precisely the kind of person who would key your truck.

I would ignore the notes but I would move my truck. It would gravel me a bit to give the note-leaver the satisfaction, but I would be more interested in not having my truck vandalized than in getting in a pissing contest with some stranger who doesn’t even have the balls to talk to me directly.