What would you do? (interesting question)

Someone comes onto this board, asking for Fred Phelps’ (the godhatesfags.com guy) home address and various other information on him. Two days later, you hear Phelps is murdered. You suspect the asker may be the killer.

What do you do? Do you report it to the authorities, wanting the killer to be brought to justice. Or do you figure “Hey. Let’s look at the victim. Fred Phelps. Who cares?” and let it slide?

What would you do?

While I don’t approve of bigots, I approve of murder even less.

I’d tell the Feds.

If the authorities for some reason questioned me, I suppose I would feel obligated to tell the truth (which may or may not include my suspicions, depending on the questions asked).

If I had a REALLY STRONG suspicion, and some palpable evidence to back them up, I might mention them, even if the cops weren’t asking me the “right” questions…

If I were willing to bet my life and my luggage that the person in question DID IT (which, since I’m not a gambler, would mean I have evidence Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, like I saw the person do it and afterwards, he/she walked up to me, stained in Fred’s blood, and introduced him/herself as the SDMB poster who asked for the address), I’d probably give the cops an anonymous tip.

That said, I live in the same city with Fred. I can take you right to him.

Any takers???

I’d sing like a bird.

I’d probably say “who cares”
Or, “Hot damn I thought I missed with the first shot!”

Most likely I’d say, “damned if I know… The guy IS in the phonebook”