Would you picket Fred Phelps' funeral?

As you may be aware, noted asshat and one-time patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church is on death’s door (there’s a thread in the BBQ pit about him).

You probably also know that they love to protest funerals - including those of military personnel killed in action, usually with anti-gay slogans.

Make two assumptions - firstly, that physically getting to the funeral wouldn’t be a problem, it’s not out of your way. Second, that you’ve got the time on your hands - some time off work.

Would you go to give them a taste of their own medicine? Or would you not even give them time of day? If you did go, what placards would you display? Is it exactly what the old grumpyboots would have wanted or something that he had coming?

No. I think it would be better if the whole world boycotted (or just ignored) the whole event. Phred and his followers are attention whores - real-life trolls. Why feed them?

They’ve received far too much media attention already. I plan on ignoring it.

I would ignore it. I am however, mildly curious at what the churches plans are.

Nope, not worth a moment of my time.

Maybe install a urinal instead of a headstone?

No. More important things to do with my remaining time.

Let the bastard die alone and forgotten. They’ve been attention-seeking for decades now… why reward that behavior?

Personally, I wouldn’t bother my arse; more out of laziness than morals. Would you hold it against anyone who did go with a “God hates Fred” banner?

As amusing as it would be to watch, I hope nobody does it for three reasons:

1). The scumbag family would take it as validation, and so you probably wouldn’t even upset them very much.

2). Thanks to the anti funeral picketing laws which were brought in to protect decent families from these nutters, you probably wouldn’t even be able to get that close to them anyway.

3). Fuck that guy. Take that day off and do something nice for yourself.

When a gunman killed those Amish school children, the Amish attended the funeral of the killer. It would be interesting if people of all backgrounds showed up en masse to respectfully send off a lost soul, showing people how you should treat others.
Personally, I’d like to become gay just to have sex on his grave, but I’m sure the church would love the attention, so I’m gonna say no, I wouldn’t protest. Plus, the whole “stooping down to their level” thing comes to mind.

Nope. Let the world turn its eyes elsewhere, let his family mourn and then let he and they be forgotten utterly.

I wouldn’t blame people doing it if his family had harmed them via their insults and protests. As someone who loathes his “church” and actions but hasn’t been personally affected, I can’t be bothered to do anything more than shrug.

I’d make a donation to a gay rights advocacy group in his name and then forget he ever existed.

He’ll be dead so it won’t matter to him.

Apparently the family kicked him out of the church for some reason so they won’t care.

I don’t like going to funerals of people I like so why would I want to be at his?

I’m not a protesty kind of guy.

So no.

I want him dead so there’s nothing to protest.
There’s no way to cause his family the pain they tried to inflict on others.

No. Let them bury their dead. We are better than they.

They are almost certainly expecting people to show up to protest. It would validate them in their own minds.

How would they feel if no one shows? No one cares enough about their message to even bother? Nobody showing up would be psychologically devastating to them.

Unfortunately, I suspect plenty of people will.

Necrophilia! What an excellent idea! :smiley:

You know, I think I’ve figured out their plan for world domination - I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier.

Install a couple of Dance-Dance Revolution game mats on the grave. Charge a few bucks, sell t-shirts ‘I danced on Fred’s grave and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’. We know how much the gays love dancing. Soon they’ll be richer than Bill Gates.

@ Cheshire Human; That would certainly be the more amusing scenario, absolutely nobody taking any interest whatsoever. A nice little dent to the ego, there.