What would you read as your last free NYT article?

It’s only the 7th, and burned through all but my last free article for this month at the New York Times.

I just realized I had one left today.

I’m going to save it for their review of “Game of Thrones”.

You left out an option:

I’d never bother to keep count & will be surprised when it says “you’re all done for the month, bub.” Which (WAG) will probably be sometime in the next couple days.

Subscribe? Not at that stupid price. Unless it comes looking like Readability, with zero ads & zero “helpful” links.

Isn’t the NYT one of those places where you can’t comment on news articles? Don’t they have that annoying multipage format where you click a few times?

Yeah, I’ve probably haven’t used more than one month’s alotment in my life.

There are simple work tools to avoid the limit. Require an extra click. I read twenty articles the first day just to see if they work. No problem so far. I don’t want to post a link because someone here may scurry off to nytimes.com and report the tools. (I found a way to watch Jeopardy on CBC and mentioned it here and the tool disappeared within twelve minutes.) Go look for links buried within links at The Consumerists or Lifehackers.