What would your Eccentricity be?

Inspired by This Thread .

If you were wealthy in the extreme, with money to burn, a coterie of willing minions and your time entirely to yourself, what eccentricities might you be vulnerable to overindulge?

I think I’d be most vulnerable to becoming the “Crazy Fish Lady.” I could easily fill a large mansion with all the various biotope aquariums I have dreamed up over the years.

And once I began to indulge my longtime dream of raising seahorses, I’d likely be afraid to entrust their care to anybody else, which would effectively isolate me in the house.

Hm, I would probably go almost totally agorophobic. I would buy some place like Belcourt Castle in Newport RI, remodel it to put in a killer computer gaming room and make it fully handicapped accessable. I would need to hire a good batch of servants and include in the number some good friends of mine that have sucky jobs. I would need an account with a good foodservice company and I would do a lot of shopping online. I would have a second smaller house somewhere as a vacation house, like a nice beach house somewhere like Cairnes Australia for a nice winter vacation when a sunny beach would be good. I would also wear a full on burqua so the paparazzi wouldnt be able to get pictures of me while I am outside my compounds. Then I could sneak out unrecognized now and then =)

I’ve always wanted my own collection of wild cats. Like tigers, black panthers, lions, ect…

I also want my own private tropical island paradise , miles from anywhere. And anybody who visited the island would have to wear togas. (like ancient Rome)

I would go nuts with sports jerseys.

I would honestly love to own one jersey from every NFL team (I’m a football nut), probably a bunch of baseball jerseys too. I’d also love random things like Rugby jerseys, soccer kits. 'Twould be fun it would.

“I’d like to have an entire room draped in velvet.” No, but seriously, fabric would be an obsession. Fabric to make quilts with, fabrics for home decor I could change in and out anytime I wanted.

And no, I wouldn’t want to leave the house for it. My fabric would be shipped in from all over.

I would build a Folly.

Look it up.

I’d buy a castle with a large domain and hold weekly battle re-enactments on it. Battles from all time periods, from antiquity to WW2. I’d also hold unhistorical battles (like knights vs samurai or nazi’s vs stormtroopers).

Books. And shelves. And people to dust and keep track of the books. And ladders to reach the top shelves.
Did I mention books? The people dusting can bring me sandwiches from time to time.

Every time I came to the edge of buying some outrageously expensive car, I’d give that amount of money to charity instead.

I know what a folly is. That would be cool to have. Don’t forget the reflecting pool to go with it. :wink:

I would never stop traveling, and have a house in as many countries as I could buy property in. Each house would be totally different. Some would be small and some would be huge with ballrooms and crazy stuff like that. I love houses.

I’d be a lifetime student. With a pet elephant and Brahma bull. Aw hell, I’d be the crazy pet lady.

Ladders? You’re thinking too small. I would have shelves that slide up and down, so that I wouldn’t need ladders or stepstools. And I wouldn’t need to bend down, either.

I would have a large room dedicated to computer and video games. I have a smallish room right now, with my computer and PS2 console in it. I’d like it to be larger, and I’d like some arcade games.

I would insist that anyone entering my house would take off their shoes AND put on brand new socks from a stockpile of my choosing. I would have their old socks incinerated. In fact I would wear a new pair socks every time I changed them, and never have them washed ever. Well, washed once, when I give them away to charity. No sense wasting them, and whatnot.

I’d have an model railway that ran throughout the entire house, on all levels, at all times.

Ultra-modern, sleek, huge-ass house - minimalistic to the point of making an airport waiting lounge look comfy in comparison. However, Hollywood producers would be begging to film scenes in my computer room - main monitor the size of a drive-in movie screen, with lots and lots of other monitors throughout. Computer hardware and software would be BETA versions, direct from the labs at Adobe, Apple and Microsoft.

Sadly, SDMB would still freeze up on me occasionally.

I’d start establishing reserves, gardens and forests in the middle of cities. As many as I could. Just buy up property as it became available and turn it back to nature. At the same time I’d force all the subarban sprawl people into living in high rise apartments to reduce traffic and commute.

You need a mahout. In a turban.
And ride the elephant to class.

This is the library I want!

Cars. A huge garage with a rotating stable of whatever suits my fancy that week. Buying, driving a while, selling. Big ones, small ones, fast ones, classic ones.