What would your signature dish be for Chef Ramsey?

You get to be the home chef representative on Hell’s Kitchen and you get 46 minutes to make a signature dish. What is it?

Mine would be a sirloin steak with homemade Montreal seasoning seared in a pan and finished in the oven. Pan deglazed with red wine and beef stock and reduced to a jus with roasted mushrooms.

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes (red with skin still on). Tons of butter and just a splash of cream.

Roasted asparagus with just olive oil, salt, and pepper.

A knuckle sandwich.

I’d spread the rumor that the asshole club threw him out because he was giving them a bad name.

Cumin crusted Rack of Lamb, Corn & Black Bean Salsa

Grilled egg & cheddar cheese sandwich. Mmmm…

I’d spend a couple of weeks beforehand mastering beef wellington, risotto and scallops and make that my signature dish.

I think that’d be one of the dishes he ends up spitting out.

Some French toast and a shot of tequila… bwahahahaha!

No, how about a pork tenderloin in a creamy mustard sauce and horseradish mashed potatoes?

Kick-off chicken nuggets with a fresh potato kugel on the side.

Broiled salmon steak & asparagus spears under hollandaise sauce, probably.

I am very proud of my shiitake-enoki risotto, but would be terrified to submit it to Gordon Ramsay’s criticism.

Whatever I could come up, he would rip it apart, most assuredly.

Today I made risotto for the first time. It turned out great and was actually fairly easy to make. Though he’d likely think it too safe and unpersonal of a signature dish. So perhaps some kind of soup.

After eating one peice of my prime rib, he’d offer to fellate me for a second.

It’s that good.

Just one second? That’s hardly long enough to get it wet.

Eww. Who wants wet prime rib?