What year can we start saying Twenty instead of Two Thousand?

I still hear “Two Thousand” most of the time. Occasionally “Twenty” for years past 2009.

Jesus was 2003 - 2007 or when this thread was started.

A couple of years. I know I’m going to say “20-20.” Probably after that, too.

I started using twenty as of twenty ten.

Two thousand and…was clunky and I didn’t like it.:slight_smile:
So I used Oh one, oh two as much as possible, up to oh nine.

As a side note, I was disappointed that nobody used oughts.:cool:

Only in America did anyone refer to 2001 as Two thousand and one. Everywhere else we called it twenty O one.

So - what’ts the consensus on the name of the first decade? The noughties or what?

I’ve been calling it the 2000s, leaving it to the reader/listener to figure it out from the context if I mean the decade, century, or millennium.

I’ve already forgotten the winter of ‘aught-three but I do remember the winter of ‘aught-four like it was yesterday. That was the winter when it snowed on Christmas in south Texas. That’s going to be a fun story to tell the grandkids some time in the future. I’ll even call it ‘aught-four just to sound more old timey :).

I’ll have to start calling it Dickety-three, we had to use Dickety because bin Laden had stolen our word “two thousand”.

I don’t think that is true. Certainly in Australia it is common to hear people refer to “two thousand and one” - I do it myself. I hear it much more often than “twenty oh one”.

Then again, maybe I’m not the best judge of things. I still call this year “two thousand and eighteen”. I’m guessing I will change this in two years when we get to “twenty twenty” but I’m not promising anything. :slight_smile:

Actually, I started calling it “Twenty Ten” back in 1969.



After 2010, i heard “oh-twelve” quite a few times. Like in auto parts stores, a reference to “an oh-twelve Camry”. Referring to 2012.

I don’t really expect “twenty” to take hold until 2021. People will request a part for a “twenty-one Camry”, but I think “twenty Camry” will call out for more clarification when a 2020 model is referenced. There will be an election in “two thousand twenty” and the next one will just be in “twenty four”.

What year can we start saying Twenty instead of Two Thousand?

I have a vision… it’s 2020.

Certainly by the year 2525, if man is still alive. If woman can survive.

Really? In Japan, France, Bolivia, and Tanzania people commonly say “twenty O one”? I find it surprising that the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) didn’t outlaw it. They get really upset about English creeping into their language.

It’s going to be so wierd calling the 2020’s “the twenties”. I think we’re in an information era where the average person knows a fair amount and has strong association the 1920s.

I’m still saying Two Thousand eighteen. I may be in the Two-Thousand camp for a while.

I don’t think you’ll have a everyone (or nearly everyone) converted until 2100. Two Thousand is only one syllable longer than twenty. But when you get to Two Thousand One Hundred vs. Twenty-one, the difference becomes much more noticeable.

So who’s going to resurrect this thread in the year 2101?

“the switch over will probably start in 2010 and be complete by 2020.” - hajario 2003.

Well damn, thats pretty much exactly what happened. Pretty much everyone says ‘twenty twenty’, ‘twenty twenty-one’, etc. I think theres actually a subconscious reason for this, Ill explain.

If someone says '99, obviously they mean 1999, and it sounds normal, same with '03 for 2003. But '10 or '12 just dont sound right. But now in 2020, and for the rest of the century, the last two digits of the year are complex numbers, (i.e. numbers that follow the _______ty-X format: twenty-one, forty-five, thirty-two). So it no longer sounds strange to say things like '21 ford, class of '24, etc. Saying ‘twenty’+complex number (i know thats not the right term) flows nicely, so I think it will continue to stick up to ‘twenty ninety-nine’ and beyond.

I pose a new question. Will people start calling this decade the '20s, and the next the '30s, etc? Not many do now, but I could see it happening by 2029. Surely in the 2100s “the '90s” wont mean the 1990s

The problem with calling the twenty-twenties “The Twenties” is that “The Twenties” has referred to the Nineteen-twenties for such a long time and it was a significant decade in history.

I expect that millennials will make the transition though, and for the most part, context will resolve any confusion. I have been hearing “The Noughties” for some time - What will we call the second decade of the 21st Century?

That wasn’t the case in 2018 and it isn’t the case today.

Which is why they will be referred to as the Twenty Twenties, as you already said yourself.

Probably variable by region. My dad said “19-aught-7” and “19-and-24”.

“Twenty-twenty” it is.

Either that, or “Year Zero of the Era of the Great Plague”.