What year is it?

Just curious as to how everyone out there pronounces the name of the current year when they speak it aloud.

I’m of the “two-thousand-and-such” persuasion myself.

I say “two thousand such” (no “and”) for the first ten years (2000-2009) but “twenty such” from 2010 on.

I didn’t call it nineteen-hundred-ninety-five. I didn’t call it one-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-five. With or without the archaic “and” between the hundreds and the tens.

It was nineteen-ninety-five. It is twenty-seventeen.

I’m sure not going to call it “two-thousand-seventeen”


I’m with Gus.

The nuns I had in grade school were adamant about the no “ands” in numbers thing.

I do both, but when I answered the thread question to myself before opening it, I said “two thousand seventeen” to myself, so that’s what I voted.

That’s what I intend to do, too, but for some reason I always forget and say “two thousand and seventeen” instead. It’s like my brain can’t adapt. It’s annoying.

I used “twenty-oh-five”.

I really think it only makes sense to use the first method up to 2010. At first, we say “two thousand” to celebrate the millennium, and a few years afterwards After that, we stick with it because “twenty-oh-number” sounds bad. Beyond that, I think it’s just habit, and thus a period of transition. By 2013, it makes sense to have finished the transition, since we’re past the true “one word” names for the lesser numbers. (Yes, we write thirteen, but it’s really thir-teen–i.e. 3+10.)

I am surprised there are any hangers-on to using “two-thousand-number,” especially in 2017, which gives you an extra syllable. It’s just cumbersome at this point. And we’re going to transition back to normal at some point.

The question was answered by Rick Evans back in the 1960s:

In the year twenty-five twenty-five.


In the year two thousand five hundred and twenty-five.

Hence, this year is twenty seventeen.

Who is this “we”? And what is “normal”?

Anyways I say “two thousand and seventeen”. It’s really the only pronunciation that makes sense.

Two thousand and seventeen.

Not sure why, but that’s what I say.

What, no love for “two zero one seven” like any pilot would say? (Is that a year or an altitude?)

In another two years, it will be “two zero one niner”.

Twenty-seventeen, usually. But Y2K happened in the year Two Thousand. Go figure.


Twenty seventeen.

And I try really hard to maintain consistency with every other century and use twenty oh nine with 2009 and so on even though people look at you weird.

2 dickety such and such.

Twenty-Seventeen. This is America, we don’t waste syllables.

I just say “seventeen” because we’re still working that, and “eighteen”, as fiscal years, and soon “sixteen” for the tax return. On the rare occasion I have to say the whole year, then “twenty-seventeen”.

I think the “transition back to normal” will occur in the year 2020. I can’t imagine anyone saying “two thousand twenty” when “twenty-twenty” is so much cooler. And hopefully after that, the habit will stick.


Heisei 29.