What you love most about your gf

And that’s how I felt just a few months ago. Then things changed but now if things would work out the way I want ::sigh::.

If you could only control who you fall for, life would be SO much easier.

The fact that she waited until after having sex with me to completely disappear and break off all contact without explanation. Now that I think about it, I’m almost a teensy bit upset about that. Almost. But not quite.

She puts up with me. Not an easy thing to do.

She confuses me (You remember the Monty Python “Confuse a Cat” sketch? It’s like that only it should read “Confuse TV Time” I walk out of rooms scratching my head a lot [think of Burns and Allen without the cigars]).

She cares so much about all things real and not real. (She won’t even let me kill spiders, but rescues them and puts them outside with a cute, “There ya go little buddy!”)

She’s beautiful.

She laughs at my stupid jokes, and laughs when I’m making a fool of myself.

Her compact nature.


  1. She’s not insecure. Self-confidence is the best thing ever.
  2. She’s wickedly smart, and quick as a whip.
  3. She likes whips. (OK, not really.)
  4. She is completely uninhibited during sex, however, which is unbelievable. Very open to new things. Oh, and she has multiple orgasms, even during intercourse. Yummy.
  5. She’s a total hottie.

The best thing, though, is that she’s now my fiancee. Go me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How do I love thee, shall I count the way (or something like that, I never was very good with words).

Things I love about my sweetie:

  • I love her voice, it is sooooo sexy

  • I love her smile, it brightens up the room

  • I love her laugh, quick and full. (and she laughs at my jokes :eek: )

  • I love how we can talk for hours on the phone and still want to say more

  • I love when she hugs me and that she likes hugging so much

  • I love kissing her and being kissed by her

  • I love how much she cares for me

  • I love that she accepts me, flaws and all.

  • I love that she helps me like everything about myself (mostly) and the faith she has in me

  • I love the excitement of seeing her OL every night.

  • I love the 3 or 4 e-mails she send to me while I am at work and still has lots to say on ICQ and on the phone too.

  • I love the way she uses endearments.

  • I love her beauty, she is beautiful.

  • I love her intelligence, damn she is smart.

  • I love her honesty, the way we can talk things through and tell each other how we are feeling.

  • I love the way she puts up with me, all my worries and stuff.

  • I love SBS :smiley:

  • I love the fact that we trust each other.

  • I love sex with her.

  • I love her determination that we will be together (we live far apart - damn that ocean, what a bad design feature)

  • I love the way we can’t say goodbye on the phone

  • I love the way I miss her when we are not together in some way. I miss you, sweetheart.


Thank you, Rick.

::feeling like the luckiest woman on earth right now::

… her absence. :smiley:

sound of several THWACKS - as smug is pummelled with a shoe

**OW!! **I mean … um… her sense of humour!!

[sup]Ummmm… Honey? Where are you going? I’m sorry -it was just a joke…[/sup]

Aw NOW look what you’ve made me do…

[sub]Honey??.. come back, I was just kidding!..

Hon? Should I have said your tits??[/sub]


She’s got these eyes…they’re green/hazel. Sometimes they look positvely golden.

She has this laugh…it’s amazing. I love making her laugh.

She has a smile that worth doing anything to see.

She’s tough, but has the biggest heart.

She doesn’t let me get away with anything. She challanges me.

She’s my best friend. I can show her all my weaknesses, and she still loves me just as much.

If anything, she’s even more sarcastic than I am. She cracks me up.

The girl knows…I mean knows how to kiss.

In about two weeks, she’s gonna make my life richer just by saying “I do”.

Definitely, feel you on the idea of being able to control love. Well, it’s a nice thought, anyway. I hope all you people aren’t blind to love’s evil side.

And yes love is very cold, cruel, and heartless. I know first hand. It is best to keep your protective walls up, and slowly take them down brick by brick along with your lovers.

Last GF: Her silly personality, her shy little voice, her perfect feet.

Possible new GF: Her wackiness, her obsession with Seth Green (it’s kinda endearing), her perfect breasts, her knowledge of pop culture, her bright pink hair.

Lucky Charms

We’re still in the feeling out stages (at least I am) but:

She puts up with me, and I'll never understand why. I'm not an easy man to get along with, I can be a smartass and a bumbling idiot at the same time. I've called myself a social retard and emotionally crippled, yet she's there. She's smart, has a terrible sense of humor (read, laughs at my jokes) and has an even dirtier mind than me. She can do better and doesn't even try.

<shallow mode>
Oh, yeah - and a nice rack!
</shallow mode>

I know this is a “girlfriend” thread, but I am so incredibly unrestrained by modern rules, that i will write about my BOYfriend.

hmm. i love:

  1. his eyes. they are so blue and bright and nice. it was the first thing i noticed.
  2. his intelligence. he knows more facts than anyone else i know. (not for long though…i’ve been reading…) he is very smart and a worthy competitor for my debates.
  3. his hair. it is very soft and gets lots of rubs.
  4. his humour. i laugh the hardest when we are together. it is very important for me to have a fellow who not only understands my unusual brand of humour, but joins in as well.
  5. he loves me even though i’m a complete dork. i think he loves that i AM a dork.
  6. his body. i think it is very sexy, especially his back. i love to just watching him walk around naked. and run as i chase him around the room.
  7. our sex. we can experiment and laugh and try every position despite gravity, and undulge in even the weirdest of things. he’s great in bed.
  8. he loves the zoo. and food. and sauce’n cake. and museums. and picnics. and movies. and books. and art. and sacks of bears…
  9. he keeps thing nice and tidy for me…he knows how much i hate messes.
  10. he’s him. i love the whole package. i love that i love him because i seriously thought i could never love anyone. i love that he proved me wrong.
  11. there is so much more that i could write… i love that too.

There are many reasons…but a good example

So…I am at her new place this weekend and setting up the new coffee table, and she is across the room emptying out the contents of the dining room table box so that she can put it together. I am kind of bored and the table looks like a mess to put together so I decide to watch her try to figure it out. She dumps all of the pieces out and unfolds the instructions and starts to read them. She looks from the instructions to the pile of pieces and back again and starts reading them. “Assembling your new dining table” she says. “Step one, look at all of this shit”
It’s little things like that that make me smile for days…


First of all, I don’t believe a negative word that you’ve said about yourself.

Secondly, you need only see the smile on my face when I’m with you, when we talk, when I’m thinking about you, to know why. If I had a day to type, I could list the reasons why, but I don’t, so here’s a short list.

[li]You make me laugh, which is sometimes hard to do.[/li][li]You stand beside me through the good and the bad.[/li][li]You treat me better than I sometimes deserve.[/li][li]We have so much in common that I don’t feel like we’re going in different directions, but enough differences that I feel as though I’m constantly learning from you.[/li][li]I can be myself around you, and I don’t have to pretend.[/li][/ul]

This is a short list, but it gives you the idea. Ladies and gentlemen of the Straight Dope, I want you all to know that I think there is no better out there for me than this man. He compliments me in so many ways, and I don’t think that one minute spent with him is “putting up” It’s only the beginning of what he deserves.

Can I borrow your girlfriend? :wink: