What you love most about your gf

Has to be her beautiful smile… or maybe her great point of view on life…

(Hey Brandy!)

I have a girlfriend?!?!?!? :eek:

Simple. She’s everything my ex wasn’t. :slight_smile:

Like, she’s sane. Y’know?

Whammo, well, if you don’t have a girl, you should. I saw your pic on the People Pages… I don’t know another guy who can hold his own head quite as well as you! Hee!

Definitely the boobs. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


HeHe! I see a slap (possibly with a dead fish) in your future!

I can’t say that I “love” this, exactly. But I’m continually amazed at her ability to remain silent, invisible, incorporeal, and uninterested in sex.

You should see the looks I get from people in Central Park when I try to make out with her, though. :wink:

That the poor woman has put up with me for more than 40 years. That is an endearing trait, and a testament to her determination to ultimately reform a hardened reprobate. Hope springs eternal…

She’s smart and funny and kind.

And pretty. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my girl friend. If she continues to not exist for any longer, I’m leaving her for good.

Well, I love her compassion and her sense of humor and her passion and her intelligence and her imagination and her body and what she does with my body and how she looks at me sometimes and how she supports me all times.

But most of all I love her low standards. :wink:

I just came in here because I’m an emotional masochist. (read: single)

sigh I hate you guys so very very much. /cartman
That is all.

The thing about my girlfriend, if you want to group it into that category, is that when we are done she’ll leave.

Nicklz, you are quite a romantic. :rolleyes:

I can and usually am very romantic, but right now in my life thats not what I want. I’ve kinda given up on trying to find love all together, and just go day to day.


This thread should have been entitled “Yo! Astroboy! Over here!”

Damn, where do I start?

I love Astrogirl because:

-she’s WAY smarter than me, and hasn’t noticed yet! (or at least pretends not to have noticed)

-when I told her I was going to lose some weight, she said (in somewhat broken English), “NO! I like your body soft, soft, soft!”

-After 5 years, she still hasn’t noticed what a complete ass I am.

-She didn’t let me see her naked (in a lighted room) for months after we started having sex… because she has an inverted nipple, and was afraid that I’d reject her because of it.

-she has an inverted nipple, and DAMN is it cute!!:smiley:

-she is convinced that her inverted nipple could have been fixed if her mother had sucked on it when she was a baby. (Uh, OK, honey… whatever… :confused: )

-she can tell IMMEDIATELY when I am lying about something important (she says that the corner of my left eye twitches, but that’s obviously BS!). And this has kept me from getting into a LOT of trouble!

-she instituted the “touch your nose” policy in regards to unimportant things… whereby two practical jokers from different cultures/countries can cohabitate. It is the one way we can know when the other person is serious…

-she respects my curiousity about things, and when she doesn’t know why things are (in Korean society), she is willing to try to find out…

-she respects the fact that I need to be alone for a good portion of the day (I’m a virtual hermit!).

-she goes out of her way to make sure that I feel at home in Korea (as best she can, anyways…).

-she has the best pair of, uh, breasts I have yet seen here in Seoul!

-she sometimes looks at me… and, you know… it’s there! We are the same person in two bodies! Weird, but cool!:slight_smile:

-she allows me to be completely insane when I need to be.

-she knows that sometimes I need to be rid of all things Korean, and hang out with my American friends.

-she appreciates the fact that I encourage her to go out often with her friends (even if it means she cannot see me). (this is unusual in Korea. Usually a boyfriend demands exclusive rights to his GF’s time… friends take a backseat to boyfriends…)

-she hates it when I make her go home. (she has a curfew, and as her parents STILL don’t know about me, I have to send her home at about 10 PM

-God (or whatever) saw fit to hide her 1/2 way around the world, so that I had to go through many empty years/worthless relationships, etc. before I met her. This way, I am equipped to fully appreciate her!

-she looks like an Asian version of Barbie Benton (really! She does!), but she thinks that Barbie Benton is/was ugly.

-she is not only willing, but insistant that we spend the rest of our lives together (remember that I am an Ass!).

Shit, I could go one for hours!

Suffice it to say that Astrogirl AND I got VERY lucky! We each met the perfect person for each other… against all odds.

I don’t think that happens very often…

Her smile - it makes me forget everything else in the world

Her intelligence - she can debate quantum mechanics and deconstruct philosophies with me

Her spirit - anyone who’s ever met her knows what I mean. She enjoys life and it’s infectious. And she embraces every aspect so passionately.

Her eclectic tastes - she’s not afraid to like and try things others would turn their noses up at

Her mannerisms - I’m not sharing any here

She is beyond gorgeous!! Not attractive, not drop dead gorgeous but surreal. God was showing off when he made her. My heart melts when she looks at me.

Her honesty - we share everything, good and bad. We’re completely open about our feelings, desires and hopes.

Her tolerance - the way she puts up with some of my crap

Her sensitivity - the way she’ll let me pay for things, the way she lets me pamper her

Her attitude to sex - very healthy and honest

Her sense of adventure.

Her playfulness.

Her slight unpredictability.

Her faith in me.

Her determination.

Her melodramatic personal cliches. (hey they’re tween us - don’t ask)

And the way she looks up at me, dropping all barriers and is completely vulnerable and tells me she loves me.

The fact she loves me doesn’t hurt either.

I could keep raving for hours and hours, but in the interests of bandwidth I’ll stop it there.

Suffice to say I love her more than anything in existence. In fact I love her more than anythign fictional either. Miss you Nym.

I love her hugs, she hugs me all the time. It’s a great feeling with 8 arms and legs wrapped around me.

I love her smile. That smile makes my heart go pitter patter.

I love her intelligence. She doesn’t flaunt it, and she only uses it for good, not evil.

I love her compassion, she is always concerned about the welfare of others.

But most of all, I love her for being my best friend.

  • her beautiful brown eyes and what I read in them.

  • her big heart and her way of taking care of everyone within a 10-mile radius.

  • the CARE package she sent me with all my favourite US foodstuffs. Besides a lot of other goodies…

  • the way she can get all excited about finally holding tickets to Germany in her hands.

  • the way we can hold up a long-distance line for hours with nothing much but sighs and “I miss you”.

  • her smile. The center of my universe.

  • her enjoyment of sweet carnality. Mmmhm.

  • her tolerance when I do or say something stupid.

  • her downright radiant beauty. So amazing.

  • the way we just can’t say “Goodbye” on the phone.

  • her intelligence.

  • her hugs.

Most of all, the trust and love and affection that I sense in her. The way she lets me love her back. Damn, flower, I miss you.

S. Norman