What your Major says about you

This is a list me and some friends have come up during lunch at are local Jr college

I am sorry if this makes anyone mad but remember this fun

but feel free to post any ideas for better descriptions of what I got or any majors i missed
What your Major says about you

Business: I am the scum of the earth

Liberal arts: I don’t have the motivation to be a business major

English: I am devolping an addiction to “No Doze”

Psychology: I’m too moral to be a business major

Sociology: I hate business majors

Anthropology: See sociology

Economics: I can tell you way you should hate business majors

Law: see business

Mythology: I play D&D or I am a militant feminist

History: I wear flannel shirts and jeans

Engineering: I hate my major but I am greedy will get my through this and mabey even grad school
Computer Engineering: I hate my major and Microsoft tm

Mathematics: I am contemplating suicide

Agricultural: I want to be a real Cowboy someday

Film: I will make Americans face my important social problems by making documentary films that no one will ever see or I want to be able to sleep with desperate 18-year-old blonds until I’m in my 80’s

Pre med: I have no problem making lots of money off the suffering of others
Gynecology: I am a pervert

Art: I hate my parents

Communications: I have full ride athletic scholarship and I’m wasting it on this

Journalism: I will think of college as time when I ate well