So, dear Amercan dopers, you elected by disinterest and incompetence the president from hell. A conman who isn’t hiding what he is. That sucks.

My questions:

Do you care?

If so, what are you planning to do about it?

(I’m really only interested in what political initiatives you will start or support to make sure that in 2 years Trump is facing a solidly democrat congress and senate.)

We’re going to enjoy a Presidency led by someone who is not a raving Marxist, for one thing. We’re going to enjoy a Presidency led by someone who is pro-America, not anti-America.
In short…We’re going to enjoy a Presidency led by a real President, not an incompetent puppet who had George Soros’ hand up his ass.

Only for certain values of “enjoy”.

Also, variant definitions of ‘marxist’. And ‘pro-America’. And ‘real president’.

Ones that are found only in the Bizarro World dictionary.

“Raving Marxist”-Sorry, neither.

For what it’s worth, I’ll be protesting today for the first time in my life. I’ll be going with a group of people who also have never saw the need to protest before.

I’ve called Congress people over the past few months, also for the first time in my life.

I’m also starting to work with a group that aims to help scientists run for office, and starting to consider a run in the next few years.

What am I gonna do? Post snarky messages on the internet and drive slowly in the left lane.

Like Clinton after Reagan/Bush and Obama after W, America will hire a Democrat to clean up after the latest assault on country by the defectives. Hopefully the damage won’t be too bad this time, but I’m not optimistic.

We’re going to suffer a presidency led by someone who is a raving narcissist, for one thing. We’re going to suffer a presidency led by someone who is pro-Russia, and anti-America.
In short…We’re going to suffer a presidency led by a real orangutan, an incompetent puppet who has Vladimir Putin’s hand up his ass.

A little late to the “intiative” party, methinks. :rolleyes:

Very weird Yosemite Sam is having so many problems with the vocabulary and gets so confused when he is angry.

I think it’s important that when the history of the next four years is written, people will look back and say the country quickly recognized its mistake and mocked and ridiculed the President every day he was in office. He was met with large protests wherever he went, and even the Republican Congress distanced themselves from him, realizing whether they cared more about party or country, Trump was a disaster.

Marching today. At the rally following, there will be a lot of sign-up sheets for various organizations. I already have set up monthly giving to Move On, Planned Parenthood, Bernie’s Our Revolution, and the ACLU. My deepest concern, personally, is the environment so, since I have to concentrate on one or two of the many things trump is going to try to destroy I will probably focus on that, and gay rights, since my daughter and sister are both gay and will suffer directly.

A raving Marxist with one of the most successful hedge fund manager in history’s hand up his ass?:rolleyes:

It is the incoherence of someone who uses terms as slogans and repeats strange conspiracy stories without understanding.

You know Clothy, you’re just so elated that the liberals you hate so much are going to have to eat crap for the next four years that you’re totally forgetting you’re going to be eating it, too.

of course he resents the real success of Soros in the business affaires in personal comparison.

Ann, may as well let it go. If he wants to be a Pane on the Glass, that’s on him, not us.

Trying to split the difference between “wait and see” and “brace for impact.”

This headline made me happy, or at least hopeful.

It’s nice to see people already focusing on all the same “initiatives” leading to Billary’s electoral defeat last year. Keep up the good work!