Whatever became of that Prop 8 trial?

I followed it up until it seemed like both sides rested their case, then I haven’t seen any bit of follow-up on the results at all.

Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law were turned in by the attorneys on Feb. 28; I understand that there is a decision pending as to whether closing arguments may be televised. I have read that it will be at least a week before that decision comes, then the closing arguments will be made, then the court will decide (after several more weeks). So, not in March, maybe in April, almost certainly by the end of May. Then it will be appealed, and appealed again, and we may get an opinion from the Supreme Court before the world ends.

I remember reading what Nametag mentioned: the judge is taking a few (3 I think) weeks after closing arguments to evaluate and decide.

A site you may be interested in following is http://prop8trialtracker.com/

I noticed at that blog that Maryland’s Attorney General, as of Feb. 25, has the state joining New York in recognizing gay marriages celebrated legally elsewhere.

(A State Attorney General cannot unilaterally change state statute law, but he can define what the state’s policy on comity and its enforcement policies will be. What this amounts to is, a same-sex couple cannot marry in Maryland or New York, but if they marry in Iowa, Massachusetts, or Vermont and move to or visit one of those two states, their marriage is recognized as valid in that state.

More importantly WRT Maryland, they can get married in DC now also. Considering the proximity, I would bet that is one reason for the decision.

Ah yes, that’s the website I lost, thanks.