3 down, 47 to go. Connecticut legalizes marriage for gays!



We’re fighting hard out here to keep it at 3. On Nov 4th we’ll find out if CA stays in the marriage equality column or not.


I think our (MA) good influence on you is finally showing.

Now that crappy Rhode Island needs to get it together and join the crowd.


So far that article is the only one I can find about this. Does anyone see anything else from a more mainstream source? I want to make sure that it wasn’t published accidentally before the court delivered its ruling or something before I get excited.

Vote NO on Prop. 8. Last I heard, polling is 58-42 for NO. Have you seen those Yes on 8 ads on TV. They make my blood boil.

Here’s the Guardian UK and the Boston Globe. And here’s the court decision.

We need to start moving to the next step of getting the legislatures to confirm these court decisions–but the referenda (as in CA) will help.

The ad the “yes” people are running showing Gavin Newsom gloating after the Cal Supreme Court ruling is a hard thing to overcome. Gavin’s “Whether you like it or not” response as shown in the ad may have serious repercussions.

Linky? (not in CA)

YouTube link? I haven’t been really angry about something lately.

I was planning on voting absentee in CA just so I could vote against Prop. 8 (I haven’t lived in CA since 2002, but I discovered accidentally awhile back that I’m still registered to vote there), but my Obama-maniacal friend convinced me to register in Michigan because he needs votes here. Of course, a week later McCain pulled out of the race here. The point is: I can’t vote against Prop. 8 now, and I’m feeling kind of hopeless as I recently read that the YES vote is climbing in the polls. Link.

Anyway…hooray for Connecticut! Congratulations!

Excellent good news! Let’s hope each step puts gay marriage more in the category of ‘boringly normal’ so that people can move on to other things to get themselves bent out of shape over.

Huzzah CT!


Wow, that makes me want to punch that law professor guy in the face! Excellent work, bigots.

Pepperdine Wants Name Removed From Yes on 8 Ad

New York and New Jersey are probably just a couple of years away. It could possibly pass the state legislature in NJ right now. By 2010 I expect same-sex marriage to be legal in about 25% of the country. If Prop 8 in California passes, I will be extremely disappointed.

Excellent news. Well done CT!

“Gay marriage taught in schools”? What the hell does that even mean? Do California schools currently ‘teach’ hetero marriage?

I saw a moronic bumper “flag” (yes it covered the whole back of the car) saying “Yes on 8 = Religious Freedom.”

So since when is “bigoted asshole” a protected class?

Haven’t you heard? It’s becoming an endangered species out here.