Whatever happened to all the the "soon to be be born" cloned baby claims?

The hubbub seems to have died down re this issue and I don’t really see these claims in the news anymore. Is anyone still making these claims? Were they all frauds?

I vote fraud. These nuts were total wackjobs.

They got what they wanted- massive amounts of free publicity for their cult. I’ll bet they got lots of new members, too. Pretty clever way to spread the word about their little group around the whole world, wasn’t it?

I think it’s fairly likely that there is not, and never was, a clone baby. Just a very strange organization who wanted some free press.

I don’t wish to post a link, but if you go to www.clonaid.com, they will inform you that a fourth cloned baby has been born to Saudi parents. They haven’t gone away.

BTW, get a load of that Dr. Brigitte Boisselier. Hubba-hubba!

Dr. Brigitte Boisselier once was a teacher at a local school here.

and they faded away from being in the news after they refused to provide evidence for their claim… pretty much admiting to the fraud of the story.

I suspect they’re trying to keep a low profile, now that the US government has demonstrated it’s intentions towards cloning.

They were repeatedly challenged to provide ANY evidence for their claims and repeatedly failed to do so, providing instead lamer and lamer excuses. The media apparently finally realized they were total frauds and quit covering them.

Nah! They’'re just too busy protesting the coming war.

Women Strip To Thongs As Hundreds Protest Against War In LA

From http://www.nbc4.tv/news/2028586/detail.html

From samclem’s link:

I no longer want proof of Saddam’s Weapon of Mass Destruction. Excuse me while I poke out my mind’s eye.

Wasn’t the state sueing for custody of Eve, the so-called clone baby?

It seems the media finally wised up and stopped giving these frauds their free publicity.