Whatever happened to that guy on that show?

Do you have a question about a character on a TV show who is no longer there? I do.

Whatever happened to that guy on ER? The big guy. The one who was spreading infections because he didn’t was his hands when he used the bathroom? What happened to him?

Abraham Benrubi plays Jerry. He was gone for a season or two, but he’s back now.

Ah, you know! He went to that place and did that stuff and things.

Guest-starred as a troll on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I know I’m a little early but what ever happened to that guy who played Ross on Friends?


You mean the guy who played the asshole drill sergeant in Band of Brothers?

Correction: asshole captain who acted like a drill sergeant.

Yeah but he did that before Friends was over.

Chuck Cunningham.

Don’t you know? He ran off and married that other daughter from Family Matters. :wink:

:eek: He’d have been pushing 60, at least!

But is he cool with his wife being a porn star? :eek:

He got a night job in an Atlantic City casino.

No, no, he ran off and married Hawkeye Pierce’s sister.

You guys are mixing up characters with the people who played them. Ross marries Rachel and raises Emily while ignoring Ben, who’ll need counseling by the time he’s 12.

I think you’re confused. Emily is the English girl he married after saying Rachel’s name at the altar; Emma is his daughter with Rachel.

Wow, I hope I didn’t come off as snippy in my post. I meant to add a :smiley: in there.

Sorry, but I’m a Friends trivia freak.

You and me both. I can’t believe I did that!

Does anyone else think “Abraham Benrubi” is just the coolest name ever? I wish my name were Abraham Benrubi. Curse my gentile ancestry!

Wait a second. The other sister in Family Matters is a porn star? Stacy? The girl with two dads? :confused: