Whatever happened to the Cecillebore project?

There was a minor movement, lead by twickster, to get a Hellebore named after Uncle Cecil last summer. Has there been any new info, or this plan been abandoned? As nothing has been posted (at least nothing I could find) I am suspecting we won’t be able to purchase a Cecil Adams Hellebore™ any time soon.

And I really wanted one, too.
[thread=367726]link to previous thread[/thread].

Never got anywhere with Barry, despite an in-person plea at last year’s Garden Writers’ gala.

Thanks for rubbing salt in the wounds of my humiliation. :wink:

Well that kind of sucks. I’m sure Barry’s Hellebores are substandard and unworthy of the name Cecil Adams anyway.

Sorry 'bout the salt, I wasn’t rubbing, though, I was trying to brush it away from the wound. :slight_smile:

There is no humiliation in having tried valiantly. There is, perhaps, just a smidge of humiliation in approaching someone who so clearly was not worthy! :wink:

Bah! Who needs him?

Let’s see if we can get a star named after Cecil. :smiley:

They’re discovering new stuff every day…I saw we name a tree after Uncle Cecil!