Whatever happened to the "Monkey Man"?

Remember that story a year or two ago about that “Monkey Man” that was running around attacking people in, I think, India? Whatever happened to that? Was it a hoax or what?


I’m working in Redmond, WA.

Mass hysteria.

He’s probably related to Springheel Jack, the Chupacabra, Bigfoot and the mothman. These kind of things come and go, eventually fading away entirely. I haven’t heard of Chupacabra for a few years now.

Wasn’t there also some reports about a Bear-Man or something like that in the same area of India right after the Monkey Man sightings?

The Bear-Man turned out to be a pair of wolves who’d gotten an appetite for human flesh… they were carrying off children at night, and suspicious villagers kept reporting that it was some kind of animal spirit.

Happens from time to time, especially around the Deccan and in the more rural areas of Maharastra.

Here I was thinking this was a Travelling Wilburys thread.

Hmph. Go figure.

…and what about those recent sightings of a bigfoot-type creature in China? I haven’t heard a followup in the news.

That’s Yao Ming. He’s resting at home in the off season.

Maybe he and Nessie ran off somewhere.

He’s appearing at minor league baseball games now.

He just couldn’t leave the limelight. At least he turned away from his life of crime.

Perhaps you’re referring to Charlie the Australopithecine?