What's a burger ring? (New Zealand movie reference)

Aussie here, but I always loved Burger Rings as a kid. Very disappointing as an adult, however.

Yeah? They’re the only bright orange snack I’ll still eat, now that you can’t get proper Cheezels.

They taste more bland to me now, though I’m not sure if they’ve changed or I have. Toobs also seem pretty gross to me now.

But what’s this about Cheezels???

I had them in Australia some years ago…I thought theyd be like funyuns… they were disappointing.

Yes, and it’s absoLUTEly amazing! :cool:

Several years ago, a top Australian Rules player proposed to his girlfriend on the spur-of-the-moment, and didn’t have a diamond ring to hand - so he used a Burger Ring instead.


It’s since become quite a common gag down under.