Egg on your cheeseburger?

I remember bacon and egg cheeseburgers being very popular back in the day. I think it was on the East Coast, in Norfolk Virginia or Manhattan (or both). They were called “ranchburgers”, IIRC, and I ate way too many of them. Yummy, imo.
Anyway, I hadn’t had one in decades when I was studying the menu in the local (and new) IHOP and there it was! “Bacon and Egg Cheesebueger”, as pretty as you please. :slight_smile:
So I had one. Now I’m hooked. at least for a while.
Who else in the SDMB has experienced this delight?
BTW; the yolk has to be runny.

Red Robin has the Royal Red Robin Burger…it’s got it.

It’s been made fun of by the Simpsons.

That made me sad.

Cafe 50’s in L.A. has a yummy one. They call it the “Breakfast Burger”.

And I agree, the yolk HAS to be runny!

Where I come from (Central NYS) that’s a Bo Burger. No idea why it’s called that, but it’s yummy. With a lime phosphate and some salt potatoes… yum.

I immediately thought of Red Robin when I saw the thread. I haven’t been there in ages.

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twickster, MPSISM moderator

Loco Moco? (On a plate, though.)

Oh—also the “Sundowner”, at Coney Island Hot Dogs in Johnstown, PA. First time I heard of the fried-egg-on-a-burger phenomenon.

My wife grew up in Western Australia. She says fried egg on hamburgers is the norm, or at least not uncommon there. That’s the way we make them in our house. And, as mentioned, the Red Robin Royal burger does feature a fried egg, and it is delicious.

Runny egg on a burger … drool Somehow, that yolk just amps up the beefiness of the burger. What an unctuous treat.

I ate at Red Robin once and that’s what I got. It was really, really good. That’s the only time I’ve had one.

Egg on a burger and Cafe 50’s is your go to? For shame. They make a good milkshake, but their food is very hit or miss. For the quality egg on burger experience in LA you have to go with FATBURGER* man!

Ok, so I like mine with cheese bacon and an egg with a bit of mustard, lettuce, grilled onion and pickles. How does everyone else get them?

*On an unrelated note, Fatburger will always hold a place in my heart for having the following burger available to a person who is willing to actually get everything on in.

2 1/2lb patties (double kingburger)
4 slices of cheese
and an egg.

I have never gotten said burger, but someday. Someday!

Those are in the Hawiian places recently popping up around here. One version has brown gravy on it. Different, but very good if the gravy is.
Brown gravy and rice go together (like love and marriage). :stuck_out_tongue:

The O out here in Pittsburgh has egg as an optional topping for burgers and sandwiches. When we had one on campus I always used to order bacon egg and cheese. Perfectly delicious. I wish more places gave the egg option.

And good for you too!
And good for you too!
And good for you too!

Thanks, twickster. Have a BECB. My treat. :cool:

That’s the norm here in Australia and it’s very tasty. I also recommend throwing in a couple of thick slices of beetroot too.

I love the Royal Red Robin burger! It’s my favorite!

I had one of these at Hamburger Mary’s in the late eighties. It was good.

Not on the menu anymore, it seems. Ah well.

I still likes me a peanut-butter and fried egg sandwich once in a very long while. (Uh… every seven years or so.)

McDonald’s restaurants in Japan sell “Cheese Tsukimi Burgers” at certain times of the year. They also eggs, bacon and a “special sauce”.