What's a burger ring? (New Zealand movie reference)

Listening to NPR this morning, I heard a reference from an New Zealand film to ‘burger rings’.

What’s a burger ring? I googled it, and there are apparently metal rings to make round burger patties. (Why would you need a tool to do that? :confused: ) This utensil seems an odd thing to mention given the dialogue (which I don’t clearly remember). Do ‘burger rings’ have a different meaning in Enn-Zed?

It’s a corn snack, ringed in shape, orange in hue, and meaty in artificial flavour. They were a staple during my school years.

It’s a criminal enterprise that distributes hot hamburgers.

It’s something a Kiwi wears on his finger, for a little snack.

It is a ring to rule all the Burger Kings of [del]Middle Earth[/del] New Zealand.

Thanks, GuanoLad.

(I think I’ll stick to chicharrones though. :wink: )

Hm. Frito-Lay spends so much time searching for new flavors, maybe they should try White Castle Funyuns.

Does anyone make hamburgers in a ring? It would be kind of cool if someone did…

Mickey Rooney owned a short-lived restaurant chain called “Weenie Whirl” that sold circular hot dogs.

That’s truer than you may realise.

I had dinner at a buffet place in Christchurch that had “squid rings”. I didn’t try them.

Known in the states (and Italy) as calamari.

On a bagel.

I like the tentacles best.

I’d eat this…

I can see shaping burgers inside a ring. Makes nice, uniform patties that can be frozen and slapped on a grill. I have something like that at home, but it’s a cylinder with plastic disks to keep the patties separate.

Eggs can also be fried inside a metal ring. Keeps them from running over the bottom of the pan. This is how they make Egg McMuffins.

My mother has a tool for making hamburgers which is a plastic round ring with two identical plastic lids. You put a lid as the bottom, place the meat in the box thus formed, press on it with the top and voilà, perfectly round patties.

Many butcher shops have the heavy-duty version: it’s metal, makes two patties (which may be oblong or round), and the lids aren’t pressed by hand but with a lever. Searching for burger shaping machine tends to give me industrial versions, but máquina de hacer hamburguesas brings up small-scale and industrial both.

I just put a quarter-pound of ground beef on a piece of plastic wrap, fold the plastic over it, and smash it with a pan.

A perennial favourite.

I use my actual hands.

Lordy Sweet Jesus. These are truly the End Days.