What's a Buyer Deliverable?

I’m guessing it’s something provided to a contractor needed by them to perform the job, to guess from the context. No help from search engine.

Deliverable is business-speak for what has to get done - it may be a physical item that needs to be delivered, or it may more likely in the business world be an item that a party to a project has to produce - i.e. a report, an evaluation, a quote, a proposal document.

In business gobbledygook, a “deliverable” must be a tangible - not something like “we will be prompt” or “we will be efficient” but something specific, measurable like an actual report or milestone “all team memebrs identified and hired”.

For Buyer deliverables, it likely would be what he buyer needs to give to, I assume, the vendors for the vendors to deliver a quote: i.e. an RFQ, Request for Quote, containing the detailed specs necessary for the vendor to make a proposal. We need X tons of concrete or “here’s 200 pages of detailed specs on what the new program needs to be able to accomplish; including how many users, what hardware they need, and also please quote how many hours of consultant time for implementation…” for a software vendor to quote on.

Thanks - I realized after posting I wanted to ask in general what “deliverables” meant in general in business-ese - another annoying example of turning verbs into perplexing terminology. I came across it as I was signing up for a technical writing/proofing bidding site (as a contractor).