What's a "Gay BLT"?

It’s served between buns.

But it’s a FAT fruit, so I’m thinking…no…

Nah, I’m trying to cut fat out of my diet too.

Well, it is the queen of sandwiches.

Come on, I can’t be the first one to have thought of the AIDS Burger.

(True Blood s1 spoilers in video)

Hypno-Toad got it right.

I would have thought a gay BLT has fudge packed into it.

They’ll hold the pickle if you ask nicely.

They toss the salad before putting in the bacon.

It has fish sticks.

Do *you *like fish sticks?

When I ordered my BLT, the cook stood behind the waiter and reached it around to me.


It comes with a side order of haggis.

Shouldn’t that be fag haggis?

Faggis for short?

All glory to the Hypno-Toad!

Okay, this thread is making me laugh waaaaay too much (and my 68 year old mom wants to know why :eek: ).

tr0psn4j: You like to put fish sticks in your mouth? What are you, a gay fish?

Guacamole, baloney, lard and tuna. Yum!

Does it come with a tea bag on the side?