What's a "Gay BLT"?

There was a story on the news about vermin in a restaurant. As part of the story, the film loop showed the menu of the place, which had listed “Soylent Green Omelet” (okay, harharhar) and then a “GBLT”. I only caught a quick glimpse of the dish description underneath, which clearly said “. . .gay bacon lettuce tomato. . .”

I’ve wracked my brain, but can’t even come up with a decent joke about it, unless we’re talking condiments.

Seems to just be a basic pun.

GLBT becomes GBLT just by transposing two letters.

GLBT is a common initialism for gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender. So switch two of the letters and you get a sammich that throws like a girl.

I was hoping for a BLT with guacamole on it. :frowning:

If I was running that restaurant, my Gay BLT would be a sandwich made out of lettuce, tomato, and bologna.

Customer: What the fuck, there’s no bacon in this sandwich!
Me: Yep, I know.
Customer: Is this bologna? Why the hell is there bologna in a BLT? Bologna tastes nothing like bacon!
Me: Exactly.
Customer: So why do you call it a BLT?
Me: See the menu? It says: Gay BLT.
Customer: So what?
Me: Doesn’t it feel like you just got f-ed in the a-?
Customer: Well…
Me: …prison style…

More “meat”, no “tomatoes”.

Double mayo?

I was thinking that it’s got at least four nuts…

Shouldn’t there be a tossed salad in here somewhere? Peanut butter? Jelly? Syrup? All of these are fine condiments on certain sammiches. Especially when dusted with magical fairy anal nodules.

Geez, I’m completely out of touch.

Everyone says their bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches are fabulous.

I’ve always wondered why the G and L have suddenly become transposed. I was always taught it was LGBT. Are there not some overzealous women’s rights groups that are upset?

I always use aioli on mine. Maybe they use gaioli.

I’ve only seen it written this way. It sounds wrong in my head to pronounce it GLBT.

My mom used to make BLATs: Bacon, Lettuce, Avacado, and Tomato. Mostly the same.

My first thought was that a gay BLT would have avocado on it. I don’t know why I thought of avocado, maybe because it’s a big fruit.

I spell it both ways, pretty much interchangeably.

And to me, it’s obvious that a GBLT contains a big, over-ripe banana.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and a gay. Don’t get the Nathan Lane. It’s very high fat. I get the Rob Halford myself.

Can I have mine with the gay on the side? I’m trying to cut down.

You still want the man-mayo?