What's in a BLAT?

So I’m at the cafeteria ordering a BLAT. The counter man asks me what kind of bread I want. Wheat, I tell him. Do I want lettuce? :confused: I tell him yes, I want Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato. ‘So lettuce is okay?’ he asked. ‘Yes,’ I reassured him. ‘You want tomato?’ :smack: At least he didn’t ask me if I wanted bacon or avocado.

I’ve never heard of adding avocado to a BLT. Is this a California thing?

I was getting a burger with avocado when I worked at Edwards AFB. The woman at the NCO Club asked if I were a native Californian, since she’d never heard of anyone else putting avocados on a burger. (Then there was the time when a woman from back east looked at the big bowl of guacamole at the O Club, and I had to tell her what it was for.) This was in the early-to-mid-'80s.

Actually, she said ‘sandwich’; not ‘burger’.

I just got to wondering what other A one would put on a BLT:

Apple sauce
Anise seed

Is there some cheese that starts with A?

Asiago, Asadero, …

Cool. Never heard of either one. How would they taste with bacon and tomato? Better yet, what do they taste like compared with other cheeses?

I once ordered trout almondine at a restaurant. It came out without almonds. I brought this to the waitress’s attention, thinking the garnish guy forgot them, and she said, “Oh, yeah…we’re out of them.” :confused:

Asiago is a semi-hard nutty flavored cheese somewhat like, but not as sharp as, Parmesan.

Asadero comes from Oaxaca, Mexico and is a soft, white mild cheese. It’s great for topping anything baked so that it melts into creamy goodness. It’s the base of terrific Chili con Queso.

Sounds like I’d go with the asadero, but I’m partial to sharp cheddar with bacon, so maybe the asiago might work. Is it anything like feta, perhaps?

Maybe we could expand the BLAT to BLEAT by adding some eggs or eggplant?

Cheese should never be part of a BLAT or a BLT.

Very well. Carry on.

“Bisexual, Lesbian And Transgendered?”

Neither have I, but it sounds like a really good combination. And I’m not even a particularly big fan of avacados.

Cheese, though, I somehow think would conflict with the bacon-tomato flavor combination.

Oh, and add to the A-list, alfalfa sprouts would also, I think, do well on such a sandwich.

Now that’s a California thing! :smiley:

Add sprouts, and have a BLAST.

now strangely, that sounds quite tasty.

Yes. In fact, In fact, I have seen my wife order a BLT (listed as such on the menu at a diner, with no further description), and it came with avocado by default. She likes avocado, but if she wanted a BLT without one at this place, she would have had to specifically ask for its absence.

I enjoy a nice BELT for breakfast. Bacon, Egg, Lettuce and Tomato. Sandwichy goodness!

Maybe West Coast thing. Nearly every deli around here automatically has avocado on the veggie sandwiches and BLTs, and most places have it as an option for burgers.