BLT's for Breakfast???

I like 'em. I eat e’m. I eat 'em all times of the day – but my neighbor at my office seems to think that the BLT for breakfast is going too far. I think it is most appropriate - so what do you think. I would like a multitude of answers to help prove this bastard wrong. thanks.

im off to have a blt.

Ahh, not too weird. People eat bacon, toast and tomatoes for breakfast. I guess throwin’ in a little lettuce for color is ok too. Actually, a BLT does sound like a pretty good breakfast food. Now I want a BLT for breakfast.

Go for it! There’s nothing better.

I think it sounds great! I might add a slice or two of swiss, butter the outsides of the bread and do a quick saute in a pan. YUM.

I’ve done it but there’s just something about the lettuce that puts me off. Substitute egg for lettuce, and I’m in. Swiss is a very good idea, too.

Oh, I forgot to mention the girl I went to MBA school with - we would have team meetings at 6:30am and she would show up with deli turkey, bread, a whole bottle of mustard and a huge mayo jar. Then she would proceed to make the sandwich and eat it. At 6:30am. Now THAT was weird.

If lettuce seems to be outside the breakfast “domain”, you can just leave it out. I highly recommend the BT sandwich. You wouldn’t think that simply leaving lettuce out would impact the taste significantly, but it does. I find the taste of the BT superior to the taste of the BLT.

Who says there is a rule about what you should eat for breakfast? In my wilder younger days I was known to have a passion for chili for breakfast. Much more statisfying than Cap’n Crunch IMHO. Also high on the list…mashed potatos and spaghetti. :smiley:

On a more general note, there seems to be a greater taboo in the West about what’s acceptable for breakfast than for any other meal. Is that just a cultural foible, or are people generally more queasy in the morning and only want what they’re used to?

Throw on an egg and some cheese and it’s no different from the usual breakfast sandwich. Heck, what with the lettuce and tomato it’s healthier than the fast-food fare.


I’ve done it, but I second the suggestion of cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

Next thing he’ll be saying is that cold pizza is not a breakfast food. I can eat a BLT anytime, especially if I got home grown 'maters. In fact, a BLT could be the ultimate breakfast sammidge.

That’s pretty much my rule across the board.

My most extreme breakfast departure once was a pint of Chunky Monkey. Hell, it’s dairy. And “fruit”.

Anyone who’s worrying about someone else’s breakfast choices has too much time on their hands.

I’ll have that BLT with cheese, please. :wink:

A BLT is anytime food. Breakfast is a fine time to have one. Or two!

(Hint: use Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. And don’t forget the fresh ground pepper!)

I don’t have BLTs that often, but when I do, it’s for breakfast. Sometimes with a fried egg, over easy, in the sandwich.

Nobody takes issue with the tomato part? Seriously, that was the weirdest part about English breakfasts to me - I mean, yeah, the bacon was odd, but they ate stewed tomatoes. It just wouldn’t occur to me to eat a tomato for breakfast. I have a hard time facing the idea of real food before noon - I need some gentle cereal-ish easing into the day.

English breakfast tomatoes are meant to be fried, not stewed. Though some cafés might not give you this impression…

But tomatos are a normal part of breakfast: They’re in pizza, burritos (at least the way I make 'em), and omelettes. All good, traditional breakfast foods.


Another vote for the breakfast BLT. With baby spinich instead of lettuce–fine eatin’.