What did you have for breakfast?

I just had 3 eggs over easy, chili con carne (nice change-up from corned beef hash), whole wheat toast, coffee, and a screwdriver (no work today).


So far I’ve only made it through my coffee. In a bit I’ll eat my jar of summer porridge, though. Cranberries and pecans in it today.

Mushroom risotto and coffee.

Cheese toast and a cup of coffee. But I want more!

Leftover (and heated up) part of a cheeseburger sub.

Madame Pepperwinkle made lemon waffles.

Banana muffin (from the supermarket, frozen and warmed up in the microwave)

Also had some strawberry milk and lightly salted pringles as a morning pick-me-up when I got to work. :slight_smile:

A lemon breakfast bar and coffee.

A glass of milk and a Carnation Instant breakfast packet. It’s a work day, and I generally don’t like big meals for breakfast anyway.

Golem Crinch. Yes, that’s what happens when you run GoLean Crunch through autocorrect.

DHC Protein Diet shake. I’ve lost over 30lbs in the past year on it. SCORE!

Coffee; and a soy chorizo, potato, and scrambled egg burrito.

Cocoa Puffs.

Two slices of toast, one with margarine, one with home-made rhubarb jam.
And a mug of weak apple tea.

A bowl of Vanilla Chex* augmented with a small amount of Grape-Nuts and a few raisins. Skim milk on the cereal, and a glass of orange juice to drink.

    • It’s gluten free, which they advertise heavily, but I have no problems with gluten. I just though vanilla-flavored Rice Chex sounded good when I was at the store last weekend.

A bowl of cereal with 1% milk. It’s what I eat 90% of the time for breakfast and have done so most of my life. I try to find cereals with at least 15% of the RDA of fiber. Sucks getting old.

2 slices of bacon, two slices of tomato, cheddar cheese and avocado on a corn tortilla.

One slice of buttered toast and a few gulps of coffee. Nowhere NEAR enough for a growing boy!

I had turkey sausage, but now I want to know if the soy chorizo is any good.

I prefer pork chorizo, but sometimes I just have a hankerin’ for soy. I get it from Trader Joe’s, and I like it.