What's a good botany program in NJ?

And, alternately, how does one get a degree in Botany? After visiting 4 botanical gardens in the last week, the Sheckstress’ love of plants and her orchid/violet collectionhas promted her to seriously go after a degree in Botany. She’s currently got a BS in Business and Tourism, so there’s almost no scientific background at all.

The question, then, is where in New Jersey offers a Botany Degree (if it exists)?

Rutgers/Cook College would be a good place to check out.

Oops! make that the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences . They changed it.

What kind of degree does she want?

A second Bachelor’s? Master’s? Ph.D?

I’ve known some people who went on from careers in things as random as TV writer and stockbroker to go into biology, but it depends on her level of interest and committment whether that would be relevant.

Has she considered pursuing a Master Gardener’s certification first, to see if she really wants to do that? You learn a ton of stuff and volunteer for a certain amount of time for the extension service.

How far are you from Longwood Gardens? They have some great programs.

A degree in Botany would require a great deal of science background. That course of study isn’t, in my experience, what it used to be: ie, Classical Botany; now, it’s often about microbiology and taxonomy, with research specialization. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s very essential, but if she’s more interested in growing plants, or working in Public gardens, a degree in Horticulture, or Landscape Design would be more in order.

Twick’s suggestion of Longwood Gardens is excellent. A top-notch botanical garden. She could talk to the folks there for guidance, and good horticulture programs in the area.