What's a man to do?

With summer quickly approaching, I find myself perplexed with a dilemma. My usual summer attire consisting mostly of t-shirts and shorts, how am I to carry my items?

Items I carry most of the time when I am out and about include: billfold, change-wallet, calculator, pen, notepad, Zippo lighter, a cigar, cigar cutter, a tin of Altoids, keychain, comb, & a handkerchief for cleaning my glasses. I also may include pain pills, as I am prone to migraines. I may take a book or handheld video game if I will be riding the bus so I have something to pass the time.

All of the things I carry, I use/need quite regularly. Sure, I can lighten my load, but I usually end up in need of something I may have chose not to carry, such as my calculator, notepad & pen. I can do without the smoking accessories, as I only smoke one cigar about once a week. The Altoids are for killing any cigar-breath.

Back to the main point though, where am I supposed to put all of these things? In the cool seasons, it’s easier to deal with. I can stuff things in my jacket. I really don’t like storing things in my pants pockets. Cargo khakis are okay.

I usually end up ( in the summer ) wearing one of those hip-pouch things, but I think they look pretty ridiculous. However, some of the real-leather ones look pretty decent. The only man who can get away with carrying a bag, and look normal, is Indiana Jones. So, what is the Straight Dope on this? What is a guy supposed to carry his things in? backpack? gym-bag? briefcase? hip-pouch?
** I am interested in how other guys here deal with this situation, and what type of “luggage” you recommend.**:confused:

Being a chick, I’d suggest a purse, but since guys have this thing about carrying anything that even remotely resembles a purse, that’s out.

I’d go with the hip pack, since most of the stuff you carry is pretty small (I think–I don’t know how big a cigar cutter is). IMHO, they don’t look dippy. Get a few, and color-coordinate them with your summer wardrobe!

(whoops–my chick side just flashed out again. Sorry!)

I think it depends on your age (backpack vs. duffel) but those modified bike messenger bags are becoming sorta okay for men. Check the men’s section of your local Saks/Neiman Marcus/Nordstrom. Better yet, check out a luggage shop and look at the new “sporty” line TUMI has out. Some nice stuff, very manly in a ballistic nylon kind of way.

I once dated a guy that carried a…uh…thing. It was like a zip-around day planner, with a loop for a handle. It was leather and it didn’t have any day-planning stuff in it. A man’s purse, it was. I knew he was the devil’s candy from the moment I lay eyes on him. I digress…

Another idea is to buy a wedding band and a purse. Just make sure you’re always lurking outside women’s dressing rooms. :wink:

I generally use a satchel now. For years I carried a backpack, but my GF decided that I should move up to something “more mature” (I never saw a problem with the backpack). So now I carry a black nylon and leather satchel. Also, always carry it over the head, and not over a shoulder. Looks less like a purse that way.

MSK, I would go with a nice black or brown leather hip bag or fanny pack as they’re called around here. I see lots of guys wearing them and they look just fine, practical in fact. There are many fabrics and styles to choose from, but your basic plain leather seems to work for most guys, and will go with any outfit.

hmmm… all of this stuff can be stowed in a pair of cargo shorts. your typical pair of cargo shorts is going to have 6 pockets. so let’s break this down…

the billfold and the change wallet can both be stored in one of the back pockets.

the calculator, the pen, and the notepad can be stored in one of the cargo pockets.

the zippo lighter, the cigar, the cigar cutter, and the altoids can can be stored in other cargo pocket.

the keychain can be stored in one of the main pockets.

and the comb and the handkerchief can be stored in the other main pocket.

glad to be of service. :slight_smile:

I got a wife. Now I just hand her my extra stuff and she stows it in her purse. I could have just bought a purse for myself, but then I wouldn’t get to have sex as often. I mean, with another person.

This is not just a man problem. I am a woman, but the last thing I want to do is watch a purse at the beach or amusement park. I can’t exactly lock one in my vehicle because I drive a Jeep and even if the top is on it, how secure is a vehicle with zip out windows? Maybe I should get a husband to carry the purse.

Theyre called Record bags, and are smaller than courier bags. I used one for months when I went to college, and now I just use one when I have to carry something…

they really are pretty handy…

I vote for message bags. Maybe it’s just me, but anything accessory with the word “fanny” in it isn’t a good look.

I vote for messanger bags. I’ve notices lots of guys around campus with a bag that looks like a combo between a messanger bag and a mountain climbing backpack, lots of bungees all over it, very masculine in look, but about the size of a manila folder.

I, on the other hand, carry a leapord print HUGE Kate Spade knock-off bag. Because Burlington is about three years behind any fashion trend, I am the only one I’ve seen with this bag anywhere in the state. (bought it off a street vendor in New York,) I can carry my day planner, check book, wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, a small novel, and tons of other crap on there. Being a chick rocks.

I started carrying a backpack in college. I got my diploma but never got over the backpack. I keep it close in cold months, if I am going to be out for more than 8 hours my backpack goes along. I was and will always be a boyscout - be prepared. Mostly it carries my book of the week and my head-phones.

Recently the local news did a rather dark segment on child abuse. One of the tips given as to locating a pedophile is :

  • has a backpack

Great. Super.

So I suppose my ultimate advice would be, choose something other than a backpack.

My solution to this problem in neither simple nor elegant. The things I need most desperately, I keep in pockets. Cheap things that I need everywhere, I have multiple copies of–one at home, one at work, one in car, etc. Things that I need occasionally, I keep in a (triple-layered to prevent loss from tears) plastic shopping bag that I can drag from home to car to work to wherever. On special occasions like going to amusement parks, I use the fanny pack thing. For camping or overnight trips I have an bag packed all the time with everything I am likely to want.
Multiple redundancy is my answer, with “delivery systems” that depend on the occasion.

I would like to apologize for my post above. I just re-read it, and realised how ridiculous it reads. I’d like to blame it on the crack/cocaine, but unfortunately, I have never touched the stuff. [Homer Simpson] Stupid sobriety. [/Homer Simpson]