What's a Pres to do?

Say you were in Bill’s place right now. You were a decent president;not great, not bad (hey, keep in GD or the Pit :slight_smile: ). You’re farily young and gotta figure out how to spend the rest of your days.
What would you do? How would you spend your time?
Me, I would apply for the only job that’s more important then Pres.: Commisioner of Major League Baseball.

Its got everything. Lifelong tenure, good salary, prestige, absolute power, you can use negotiating skills you’ve developed, free tickets to games and all the hot dogs you can eat. Plus, I think having an ex-Pres as Comm would bring a lot more tradition to the game, make it America’s passtime in a very real sense.

But then again I’m a baseball nut.

(27 days and counting 'till Spring Season!!!)

I’d go into the Adult Entertainment business.

JamesCarroll, you seem like an intelligent person with proper priorities.(a lot of alliteration?) It’s always good to have another baseball nut around.

I think Bill would be an outstanding commish.

Ya know, spooje, if you say that many times quickly, I don’t wanna be within three feet of ya!

I too think he’d make a right proper commish. But of course the owners would never do it, because they don’t want anyone bigger than they are (and like him or not, the president’s always gonna be bigger than baseball owners) and because they want one of their own in there to serve their own needs.

But it sure would be cool to see him there, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Maybe Dubya could, when he gets through being Prez. He owned a team for a while… :smiley:

Nah, Dubya’s already signed up to be the next Teletubby.