"Obama 44"--presumptuous?

He isn’t President yet, is he? So if Bush dies, or Bush resigns and then Cheney dies, or any of a number of technically possible scenarios (including Obama dies between now and January 20th, which is entirely possible given the number of haters with guns out there), he could end up being 45, or 46, or no number at all, correct?

Not that I have anything against the image of him wearing Hank Aaron’s uniform, or Willie McCovey’s or Reggie Jackson’s. I kinda like the image of him as the first African-American power hitter in the White House.

At this point, someone would have to die for Obama to not be the 44th President. There’s no other reasonable possibility.

Bush couldn’t say, “Oh, fuck it. Dick, you’re the man”? That’s got to be at least likely as a death of a healthy middle-aged man in the next two months.

Considering his sport of choice (with some amount of talent), I think the uniforms to consider are Jerry West’s, Iceman Gervin’s or Danny Ainge’s.
(Unless the African American part of it is important, in which case you’ll have to look harder than I did to get three options; but West and Ainge both make some sense for Obama, as they won championships as general managers).

Correct, yes, but extremely unlikely. I don’t think presumptuous, with it connotation of assuming more than is called for, applies in this case. It’s a quite reasonable, almost assured, expectation. People are aware that it’s not yet fact, but they’re also aware how slim the odds are that it won’t become fact.

He was elected to be President with the expectation that he’d be the 44th. I don’t think there’s anything presumptuous about it.

If I were vice president, I would hope it would be under some cool president. You know, like, he retires two weeks before his term is up just to give me the chance to be president for a couple of weeks. Then you know he’s one cool dude.

You know; just sayin’.

My point-- and it’s a really tiny one–is that once he’s sworn in, then he’s “44” and no way in hell to change that. Now it’s just a teeny bit presumptuous, is all.

And it’s kinda like Bush giving Cheney the keys to the car two days before his driver’s license becomes official. “We will commence bombing in one hour!” only this time it’s not a joke.

Calling him 44 is making an assumption that’s not strictly supported. That isn’t particularly presumptuous. It’s not presumptuous to talk about my thanksgiving plans in Kentucky, even though it might not come to pass for any number of reasons. “Presumptuous” implies that the assumption is unwarranted. That is not the case here.

In a way, shouldn’t we also hold-off on calling him President Elect until we know for sure the world isn’t going to end?

Anything can happen, but we call him President Elect and assume things will go normally. If they don’t, he was still President Elect and it just never played out.

I just told my wife that I would stop by the grocery store tomorrow afternoon. Is that presumptous of me?

What if my car breaks down? What if it is stolen? What if I have a heart attack tonight? What if I am in a car crash?

I mean, life sometimes happens, but that doesn’t mean that we need to start qualifying all of our statments.

Actually, my grandmother did this all of the time. She would precede any statement about the future with “Lord willing”…

Why would anyone bother referring to him by a number anyway? We used “Bush 41” and “Bush 43” sometimes so that we could tell those identically-named presidents apart. But that’s not an issue in Obama’s case.

Sure it’s presumptuous to talk about your Thanksgiving dinner in Kentucky. “I plan to go to Kentucky for Thankgiving,” no, But “I’m going to have the most delicious, totally allergin-free, slightly-underdone roast pork flambee, with chutney sauce on the side in two weeks’ time and then I’m going to watch DUMBO on my grandma’s DVD” makes a few presumptions that you wouldn’t have made a week after these occurred.

he would be the 43rd

ChrisBooth12, that’s really not a hard fact to check before you go posting it on the Internet.

Perhaps ChrisBooth12 just doesn’t approve of the numeration of Grover Cleveland as the 22/24th President?

To be honest, that’s bothered me ever since I first found out about it.

Well, that would give Cheney a nice jump in his Federal pension, for those two months of being President. Not that he needs it, since he’s already fiscally obese.

In other news, “Oh, fuck it, Dick, you’re the man” is rumored to be what she said.

(I meant the first interpretation, maybe my phrasing was unclear.)

Which interpretation do you think is more analogous to referring to Obama as the 44th president?