What's a Ringer

So in the traditional Australian song Click Go the Shears in the part where

it is the old snagger, not the ringer who may be the ringer in the American sense.

*[sub]Translation: the pace-setting shearer is beaten by the cunning of the old shearer who has chosen a sheep with little wool on its underside and thus just finished shearing first despite inferior speed.[/sub]

Urban Ranger You have to be careful when using that dictionary site. It only provides the first appearance of the word “ringer” which was a bell ringer. It wasn’t referring to the meaning of the word as we are chasing it here.

Sublight The use of “dead” as an intensifier was quite well documented early onwith other words. So its use in “dead ringer” wouldn’t likely have meaning in the “thud/dead” lead coin sense.