What's a wattle to do?

A rooster has a wattle. Why? Does it do something? Is it just there for decoration? Every time I see a rooster I wonder but the internet isn’t revealing it’s secrets.

From here:


Seems like just about anything that looks goofy and flashy in the animal kingdom is used to attract females. While this may explain the bright red of the cardinal or the peacock’s beautiful plumage, it still doesn’t account for Boy George.

Casey, you had the chance to end your submission with the phrase: “Because chicks dig it!” and you didn’t. That’s more forbearance than I have.

I’m above making a poultry pun like that. Besides, it was in GQ at the time and I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I guess when it comes to annoying the mods, I get a little chicken. :smiley: